Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer Bucket List #3: Geocaching

We have fancied geocaching or letter-boxing as it used to be called for a long time but never got round to it. When we were writing the bucket list we just had to add it.

If you want to know more about The Summer Bucket List, please see this post here.

So I downloaded the app and they give you three caches to find for free to see if you like it. The first one looked as if it was basically a really good stone's throw from the back of our house. To be fair it would definitely be an olympic javelin athlete, but still, pretty close to us.
This is the view from the back of our house, only not so close sadly, and the gps was pointing that it was somewhere up there.

 Ali was on a mission and his monocular was in his hand :-)
 We let him guide us
Even when he decided we must walk vertically up to the coast path.
 After much to-ing and fro-ing, where we were very impressed with the accuracy of the app. Of course my brain knows that satellites are clever-y old things made by brain-boxes, but my inner-child was all WOW and OOOH and AHHHH.
We ended up scrambling around the tree trunks and I was heartily glad that no-one came along. In future, I won't mind so much as I have the experience of actually finding it, but at that point I did feel foolish!
There it is, an old 35mm camera film case tucked into the ivy.
Inside was a piece of paper to log your name. Well of course, we didn't have a pen so we couldn't add to it. But still, we were happy we found it.
The best bit was the reason for the clue and the geocache being placed there:
The tree it was in was with it's twin and the trees are Wych Elms and rare in Britain. I would never have known that so it was great to find that out. Some kind soul (or the council) put a bench there so we could sit and enjoy.
Mum came up with a great idea to take the flower and leaves of the trees to see if we could press them.
I have now included the pressings in Project Life. Love that.
 Ali explored and found a cool geronimo moment.
 As we walked along to Langleigh Lane to get home we could smell this glorious honeysuckle before we could see it.
 Ali enjoyed sauntering along with his pokey stick.
The dawgs were pulling as usual.

It was a very satisfying trip and I will definitely be doing it again.
Summer Bucket List #3: Geocaching. Done =)
 Mum and Ali under the rare Wych Elms.
 The cache itself.
 The left hand side of the dividers.
The right hand side of the dividers.
I loved scrapping it and now it is tucked nicely into the project life album.
What's next?