Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shabby Chic Christmas Layout

Hello :)

I am joining in with the UKS Christmas Countdown and have also contributed with this layout and a card next week.

I have recently started teaching/coaching crafting classes in my town as I haven't been able to find any scrapbooking crops nearer than an hour and a half away which just isn't doable for me most of the time. So I am trying to grow my own :-) It has been fab to meet new people and spend more time with new friends I met at my weight watchers class that have come to the crafting classes. So hello Coastal Crafters; Angela, Sarah, Sue, Lesley and Mel if you are reading :-)

This is the layout I made for our first scrapbooking class which was to learn about layering pretty patterned paper.

It was really nice to revisit the 'basics' and just layer those papers up on top of those gorgeous papers from Prima, the Sweet Peppermint Range.

If you want to look at the stages, all the photos are below, if not then thank you so much for visiting 😊

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Coastal Crafters aka Growing my own crop

For years I have dreamed of starting my own crop, having attended online crops and then in real life they have been such a nice thing to do, spending time with like minded people.
However my nearest one is an hour and a half away and generally they are on saturdays. I work in retail so I wouldn't be able to go regularly. What I need is one locally so I need to start my own. I realised it would need to be classes as the guys will be new and won't have a stash.
Despite much encouragement and practical help from my online scrapbooking friends especially lovely Sue, I still hadn't got round to it. Until something clicked this summer when a couple of new friends I met at weight watchers were interested in scrapbooking and so I went ahead and booked the local hall.
We have had two classes so far, making christmas cards and a christmas layout and in a couple of weeks we will be tackling a christmas minibook for the ladies to record their memories of the season this year.
Then after Christmas we will be going back to scrapbooking and doing a different technique each month with hopefully by the end of next year me being able to stop teaching and be able to crop together 😊
Hi to Angela, Sarah, Sue, Lesley, Mel and thank you for starting with me 😍

I have also gone back to basics myself, watching YouTube tutorials and inspiration videos. Practicing basic techniques again. When was the last time I did distress ink blending? Years ago I imagine but I really enjoyed it of course. 
Resurrecting the blog is also something I hope this will inspire. Now if only I could win the lottery and stop that time wasting activity called employment 😄

Friday, 23 June 2017

UK Scrap Addicts Guest Design Post

Thank you so much UK Scrap Addicts for the opportunity to be a guest designer this month 😊 I love your ethos of showcasing UK Scrapbooking 💛
I loved both the mood boards that are being showcased this month but this one is my favourite as it is full of my favourite colours and sparkly stuff.
I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers to start me off (no 305) and decided to swap out the stars for flowers and see where that took me. I love sewing on my layouts so I decided to do that first for the first layer of texture, I've put some of the photos and a couple bits of video of the steps together on a video to watch here: it's my first video like this, i've learned loads and would like to get good at it. 

I used Kaisercraft Wildflowers paper collection from Merly Impressions in the UK, some Ali Edwards Craft The Story stamps, a Cathy Zielske Fit stamp and Cardstock, Nuvo Drops and general supplies from Hey Little Magpie. I also used Lucy's patterns from Attic 24 to crochet the leaves and hydrangea petals.
I also often make a companion project life page and sometimes a journaling 6x12 page to pop in between. The big hike that I did warranted a few more details for my album so I did 😊
I added in a QR code to link to some video footage as all my family love coming across those in the albums 😊
Some of the journaling, I will have more I think.
And the reverse of that page; I generally add in another photo or two and use up some embellies and fave paper.

Thanks very much for looking at my scrapbooking 😊

If you haven't already had enough, the video of my walk along the coast path is here:

Monday, 24 April 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Sunday

After all the drama of yesterday I didn't get to sleep until midnight and was awake again by 5:30. I check in with work and it was fine. I get up and walk round the garden capturing some detail, I find it interesting each year about this time to see how far things are along in comparison to other years.

 I stay in bed with a coffee and add a couple more bits to my grocery order, watch The London Marathon build up and then snooze again before getting up and ready.
Mum and I drive to Okehampton via Tesco to pick up a last couple of bits for her holiday and a takeaway mocha for me as a treat.
We listen to BBC Radio 4's Reunion programme on the way It was about the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster which was very good and very emotional.
The countryside looks so stunning, beautiful green patchwork fields with the odd field of bright yellow rape. Looming above us and getting nearer is Dartmoor. Devon is the one of the biggest counties in England and we are lucky enough to have these two stunning National Parks of Exmoor and Dartmoor, I live next to Exmoor so I always go there but I would love to know Dartmoor better too.

We have a lovely chat before lunch with my Aunt and Uncle, I ask Uncle Brian for advice as I want to build a raised flower bed and he is one of the handiest people I know, he gave me some good advice and ideas.
It was a lovely lunch of chicken, roast potatoes and green veg and then cheesecake. 
I help Auntie Pat out with a problem with her phone and then head back to home. 
I realise when I get 10 minutes out that I took zero photos of Dartmoor up close and more importantly zero photos of the whole visit, including their wonderful garden! So mad with myself.
So here are a few more from mine.

It only takes 45 minutes to get back to barnstaple and I pop in to my shop (as it's open) and get pizzas for movie night.

I see to the dogs when I get home and then we all settle down to a movie and then I go to bed to watch Line Of Duty (sooo good).

Sunday done 

Week In The Life 2017 done 

I am thrilled that I managed to blog all week as it is all captured now and it was great being part of the community of witl'ers. By Saturday and Sunday I had slowed right down on remembering to collect photos. But that is natural for a big project like this.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Saturday

Just a long work day, I was not looking forward to going in. 
I felt tense when I got there and there was a niggle that I knew I needed to address. I didn't want to do it right there and then as I wasn't in the best frame so I waited a few hours and discussed it with my colleague and we resolved it. A mentor a long time ago told me "worst first" and I have used that all through my working life to deal with tasks. However I have long since learned that whilst that is amazing advice for task it isn't necessarily so with employees. I take a deep breath and let it settle, get some context. If it still needs addressing then I use data-based feedback; when I see you do/say xy or z it makes me think and feel ab and c and what I would like you to do next time is... this method works well for me and my team know where they are with me. 

I left the shop for a break during the morning to go to Marks & Spencer for a tee-shirt for Mum's holiday that she had decided on. I see a work top in there that would be perfect, comfortable, bland, durable, reasonable, I could get two and rotate, I miss wearing a uniform. I like dressing smartly sometimes but my job is often manual and so I need to be comfortable and not worrying about it getting damaged.

I stayed on longer to get this weeks workload completed and help out the evening duty manager during the late afternoon busy time with service and routines. 
I am glad to escape into the sunshine with my bag full of healthy goodies for my day off. I walk back over the bridge and head to the car park and then after wondering momentarily where I had parked the car, I realise that I had treated myself to a paid parking space the other end of town 😲 (where we park is free so we all park there most days). It is nearer to my home town so cuts about 15 mins off my commute but it costs so it is a treat.
My first word is a swear word, I did this once before years ago! Habit is a good thing most of the time but not today when it automatically takes my feet in the wrong direction! Anyway, after wondering whether I should just lay down on the floor and cry, I found a new podcast episode and plugged myself in and decided I would enjoy the walk! Which I did, although I was glad to get to the car, the shopping bag filled with goodies was getting a tad heavy 😁

I got home and had dinner and chatted to Mum and Alex while he played his computer game and told me about how he had unlocked a new "charater" - he still can't get that c sound in that word - a goat on a hoverboard, of course.

Then Louis rang me to tell me he had lost his return bus ticket so Alex and I get up and drive back to where I just left in my work town to collect him. We may have had a few words about this. There was definitely some databased feedback going on 😆

So my idea of a nice crafty evening is completely out of the window and I decide to go to bed. With that, work rings and tell me the CO2 gas alarm is going off and so I deal with that for a couple of hours by phone, thinking that I was going to have to go back in again. Fortunately I didn't, we sorted out a work round so I go to sleep in case I am needed in the morning. I hope not, as it is my day off and I have plans.

What a day.

Saturday don