Saturday, 31 January 2015

2015-1974=41. So it must be true.

The celebrations were certainly less elaborate and extravagant this year, but nonetheless my birthday was celebrated and enjoyed. 

We lazed around in the morning and I opened my cards and was grateful for the replacement earphones for my iPhone as one of the little darlings lost mine. I was also surprised with a set of body shop goodies which smell divine.

After brunch we headed out to the beach, we were nearly derailed as, when we got to the top of North Devon we saw the snow on the top of Exmoor, but we held to the plan, time constraints mainly.

The beach was so busy and so beautiful, the dull and overcast sky seemed translucent, more interesting once we were on the beach. I dunno, maybe.

Favourite Moments:
1. Minty gnawing on a rock. If I had to eat Baker’s I would probably fancy a bit of stone too.

2. Mum & Lauren getting caught out by a wave. And, the silhouette photo I caught of them running.

3. Fudge trundling along, smiling I swear.

4. Louis and Ali playing footie.

5. Their patience as I attempted to get a photo of all of us.

I made this layout using my newestmostfavouritestpaperlineeverintheworldamen. Webster’s Pages Ocean Melody. 
I diecut the clouds on my sizzix eclips, I sewed the circles and borders, misted, a few embellies and I was done. Thanks to Sue for a fab sketch challenge, you can check out this challenge here. There will be a new one for Feb.

I made this one for a challenge over on UKS to use a quote from Frozen. 

I hope your week has some sea-spray in it (or river mist?). Although it looks much more like snow (yay!) x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

One Little Word

One Little Word

One little word to guide me through the year? I don’t think the word I have chosen is a little word, it’s a bit of a scary word to me. 

If you haven’t heard about this idea then I am joining in with Ali Edwards’ year long class One Little Word which you can read about here.

I went down a bit of a rabbit warren of Pinterest and the dictionary trying to find an apt word that challenged me. And, do I need challenging this year!


*A positive declaration intended to give confidence
*Promise or pledge, guarantee, surety
*Full confidence, freedom from doubt, certainty
*Freedom from timidity, self-confidence, belief in one’s abilities
*Presumptuous boldness, impudence
*(Chiefly British) Insurance

I am interested in the concept of having a word you examine in more depth and helps you as you try and achieve your goals. A focus.

I like that one of the definitions show how that strength can look in overdrive and whilst I admire boldness, it is a fine line before it becomes unpleasant.

I like that there is something to work on for me being braver. I need to tackle things sometimes when I don’t know the answer or don’t know how it will work out, and commit nonetheless. Not be too safe.

I like the idea of being less timid in social situations or work situations when I don’t already know people. Small talk, I don’t have any. Although wine helps ;-)

I like the idea of insurance, specifically health insurance, in a figurative sense; I value my health and don’t take it for granted but I am unhealthy and risk losing it and that is just crazy. So I would like to feel assured about my health and I would like to have good health to feel assured about it.

I am looking forward to seeing how this year goes. It is certainly exciting after last year when I was too tied up with work to even contemplate new challenges. I did work on things in my own fashion but this year feels as though I will have more time outside of work and Hooray for that.

Hello January :-)

I like January, it's the calm after the Christmas storm. I adore Christmas and I don't think I have ever missed the twinkle lights before but I miss them this year. I have been glad of a few quiet days sorting and decluttering and eating more sensibly. It is my birthday month so I have that to enjoy (it was my 40th last year so not so much pressure this year either ;-)). I also have a week of holiday from work to look forward to in a couple of weeks, recharge my batteries. It feels like a long time since my last break in September and the madness of retail at Christmas has taken a toll too.

So, yes, I like January.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the New Year.

I ushered in the new year with a bottle of champagne and that is the final layout I have scrapped for my project life album for last year.

I have just about used up all my stash of paper completely so I can now buy some more 😊

I'll be along again in a little bit with my One Little Word for the year, oh and details of new photo challenges I am joining in and one I am hosting.