Thursday, 8 January 2015

One Little Word

One Little Word

One little word to guide me through the year? I don’t think the word I have chosen is a little word, it’s a bit of a scary word to me. 

If you haven’t heard about this idea then I am joining in with Ali Edwards’ year long class One Little Word which you can read about here.

I went down a bit of a rabbit warren of Pinterest and the dictionary trying to find an apt word that challenged me. And, do I need challenging this year!


*A positive declaration intended to give confidence
*Promise or pledge, guarantee, surety
*Full confidence, freedom from doubt, certainty
*Freedom from timidity, self-confidence, belief in one’s abilities
*Presumptuous boldness, impudence
*(Chiefly British) Insurance

I am interested in the concept of having a word you examine in more depth and helps you as you try and achieve your goals. A focus.

I like that one of the definitions show how that strength can look in overdrive and whilst I admire boldness, it is a fine line before it becomes unpleasant.

I like that there is something to work on for me being braver. I need to tackle things sometimes when I don’t know the answer or don’t know how it will work out, and commit nonetheless. Not be too safe.

I like the idea of being less timid in social situations or work situations when I don’t already know people. Small talk, I don’t have any. Although wine helps ;-)

I like the idea of insurance, specifically health insurance, in a figurative sense; I value my health and don’t take it for granted but I am unhealthy and risk losing it and that is just crazy. So I would like to feel assured about my health and I would like to have good health to feel assured about it.

I am looking forward to seeing how this year goes. It is certainly exciting after last year when I was too tied up with work to even contemplate new challenges. I did work on things in my own fashion but this year feels as though I will have more time outside of work and Hooray for that.


  1. Great word, I think it will serve you well xx

  2. Good luck with that! It sounds quite a daunting word when you look at it properly but you're good with challenges.

  3. This is a word that looks as if it will have lots of layers and resonances, Jen - wishing you every success in your living with it this year.

  4. Wow Jen - that is a great challenge :) Good luck chuck xx

  5. This is a really good word. i'm wishing you all the very best with it in the year ahead.

  6. Love this word - Good Luck Hun x x x


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