Monday, 24 April 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Sunday

After all the drama of yesterday I didn't get to sleep until midnight and was awake again by 5:30. I check in with work and it was fine. I get up and walk round the garden capturing some detail, I find it interesting each year about this time to see how far things are along in comparison to other years.

 I stay in bed with a coffee and add a couple more bits to my grocery order, watch The London Marathon build up and then snooze again before getting up and ready.
Mum and I drive to Okehampton via Tesco to pick up a last couple of bits for her holiday and a takeaway mocha for me as a treat.
We listen to BBC Radio 4's Reunion programme on the way It was about the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster which was very good and very emotional.
The countryside looks so stunning, beautiful green patchwork fields with the odd field of bright yellow rape. Looming above us and getting nearer is Dartmoor. Devon is the one of the biggest counties in England and we are lucky enough to have these two stunning National Parks of Exmoor and Dartmoor, I live next to Exmoor so I always go there but I would love to know Dartmoor better too.

We have a lovely chat before lunch with my Aunt and Uncle, I ask Uncle Brian for advice as I want to build a raised flower bed and he is one of the handiest people I know, he gave me some good advice and ideas.
It was a lovely lunch of chicken, roast potatoes and green veg and then cheesecake. 
I help Auntie Pat out with a problem with her phone and then head back to home. 
I realise when I get 10 minutes out that I took zero photos of Dartmoor up close and more importantly zero photos of the whole visit, including their wonderful garden! So mad with myself.
So here are a few more from mine.

It only takes 45 minutes to get back to barnstaple and I pop in to my shop (as it's open) and get pizzas for movie night.

I see to the dogs when I get home and then we all settle down to a movie and then I go to bed to watch Line Of Duty (sooo good).

Sunday done 

Week In The Life 2017 done 

I am thrilled that I managed to blog all week as it is all captured now and it was great being part of the community of witl'ers. By Saturday and Sunday I had slowed right down on remembering to collect photos. But that is natural for a big project like this.


  1. Fabulous, Jen. Congratulations on getting your words and pictures finished so quickly. I look forward to seeing some of the pictures scrapped 😃

  2. I enjoyed reading about your entire week, Jen and now I will look forward to the lovely layouts to follow :)

  3. Glad you had this day to do a few things you wanted to do. Thanks for sharing your week. xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)