Monday, 17 April 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Monday

Easter Monday | Bank Holiday

I nearly set an alarm last night but decided that as I was off for the Bank Holiday I would not ☺️ and I woke up at 7:30 which is pretty late for me. 
I remember it's WITL and reach for my phone to take a selfie which predictably I hate (I am very glad it's not last week as I had two enormous spots and a medium size one just for fun and you can still see the remnants on my chin now!).

A lie-in (a two coffee lie-in), planning and organising, catching up with Masterchef and checking in with Alex and Fudge who came to visit to discuss plans for the day. I decide we are going up to Exmoor but only as far as Wistlandpound Reservoir. I don't want us to be out all day as the boys need to tidy their room, I need to do chores and Alex has homework. I love days like this, some plans, some vagueness.

We all shower and get dressed and head out via Tesco to get the inevitable bread and milk. As I suspected it is busy at the reservoir but not so much that we are walking with others all the time. We mooch round, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, trying to see the little birds we hear singing in the trees, there isn't anything on the reservoir itself. Looks like the overwintering birds have gone and the summer birds haven't arrived which would make sense it being Spring 🙄

I have a long talk to Louis about work (we decided to let him leave school and start as a painter and decorator) as he is frustrated at progress due to things he can't change and I have concerns too so we have been talking those through and connecting, it doesn't resolve it but we know where we are with it and supporting each other. 
Alex listens to his music with one ear but is quite happy to talk, he doesn't moan and I have just realised that I didn't tell him that I appreciated that. I have been trying to catch as much positive behaviour as I can as we have just come out of quite a challenging period.
I ask for a family selfie and it comes out ok, we are missing our chief selfie taker though so I message her in London.

We are quiet on the way home, mum and I talking about what she will take to wear on her holiday next week with my aunt.
At home we have lunch (chicken soup) and I help her choosing a list of clothes and she decides on a couple of bits to pick up over the next few days.
We wander out to the allotment that we made last year, the early potatoes that Mum planted are coming up and I tell mum that it came up in my Facebook feed that it was exactly one year ago today that I dug it up and built it and we bought the mini greenhouse to go on it.
We decide that we will choose what else to plant when she comes back off holiday as I have a busy couple of weeks and so does she.

I get a glass of lime squash and get into bed to edit a load of photos from the past few weeks that are on my dslr to make space for witl. I nod off 😁 
When I wake its nearly dinner time. Mum had made a double batch of sausagemeat loaf a while ago so we had the second portion of that from the freezer with potato wedges and salad.

I watch an old movie War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise and then start on some crafting for this project, while Alex finishes his homework. He designed the rules and idea for a board game of life yesterday reflecting what he has learned about christianity and sikh religions last term and now he has to make the game. I love his ideas.

Next DIY Job: Get Alex's room painted and bed in!
To end up, I get my work clothes ready, lock up, have a bath and settle down.

Monday done  


  1. Fabulous as always, Jen
    Your parenting is so honest and I love that.
    Thanks for sharing your day

  2. A lovely peek into a day in your family life ... You've done well to record so much!

  3. I agree with karen its your honesty about it all when writing that totally draws people in, you write so well and it makes me want to be in your family,be part of this. well done lovely jen, on all counts

  4. Love this Jen as always......I think I need a bit of honesty in my life, loved reading your post. Huge hugs Sarah xx

  5. I love reading your week in the life. The walk looked lovely & I love the little allotment. It's good to get the kids out & about for a walk and also a good opportunity for chatting with them as it's quite difficult being a teenager & also quite difficult raising them!!! xx

  6. Lovely reading Jen. I am looking forward to the next 6 days :)

  7. Jen.. I was inspired by a conversation last night to look at my blog and came across to read this. You are just the same, i missed reading your news.. may even get started again, not sure if I should start a new one or just refresh kathijo.. hope you are well and life is being kind.. kathi xxx

    1. How lovely to hear from you Kathi, I was only thinking about our photo year or two a few days ago.
      I miss blogging very much but it just seems the last thing to get done :-)
      Let me know if you do refresh. I love looking back over mine 😊
      Yes all well if challenging at times which I am sure you will remember well. I hope all of you and yours are thriving xxx

    2. Yes! The stresses of parenthood just change they don't seem to go away as such.. (sorry to say that to you!) My no 2 has 5 children now, she fell for twins as she bought her first house and no 4 was a girl, closely followed by a boy at last! My eldest is getting married 27 may and the do is 'here' so it's all go, but at least in June / July we can wallow in the tidy garden!
      Must try and catch you one day x Love x


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