Friday, 24 February 2017

Winter Snap

I really enjoyed this Winter Snap Challenge from UKS. Thanks Sue 😊 It got me out and about with the big camera which I hardly ever do these days. 

1. Substitute: A Film or Book
Outlander is both, I have read a couple of the books and now I have watched the series; they aren't for the fainthearted but  I really enjoy them. I was pleasantly surprised by how great the production values were and swooned at the landscapes, old castles, frocks and horses. Worth it for that alone, but a good yarn as well. 🏔🐴
2. Green, Red or Gold
Green Fir Tree at Bicclescombe Park looking heavenly against that clear bright blue January sky. I am attempting to visit the park once a month to photograph the changes. Not that there will be so many changes in this tree, being evergreen and all. 🤓
3. A Shop Window
Trios is a gorgeous shop along from mine, I love everything in there, they dress their windows beautifully and renew them regularly and the girls are so great at their jobs and so lovely when they come shop in mine for their meal deals. At Christmas they had an enormous Polar Bear and when I came round the corner at 5:30am to open up I nearly screamed in shock. 😳😆 
4. Winter Trees
I adore Magnolia trees and this is my favourite, I love the shape of it and when it flowers it is beyond beautiful and then when the leaves are full out it turns this little wooden bridge into a wonderful green tunnel. 💚
5. Baking
Erm no that isn't baking. I am eating healthily at the moment and so I thought I hadn't baked anything but I did actually try a baked oats recipe which I knew really wasn't going to be for me as it included baked banana which I dislike. I was right and so I have carried on with either warmed oats or overnight oats. Which, if you haven't heard of, is as it sounds; oats, greek yoghurt and almond milk left overnight. You can then add to it, my favourite at the moment is to add a tablespoon of ground almonds to the oats and separately defrost some black cherries to pop in at the last moment, hello bakewell oats. ✅
6. Reflection
There were some stunning days in January weren't there? This is across the bridge on my walk into work. ☀️ 
7. Lights
This lantern in the churchyard where we walk the dogs always reminds me of the one in Narnia.
8. Chocolate
This is 'liquid choc shot' that I use for just that, a shot. Lovely and dark. Trying to fend off creme egg season for as long as possible, so hard when we have boxes and boxes at work.😬
9. A Bridge
And coming home from work the same sunny day as number 6 above. I walked the long way back to the car as it was so nice and the bridge looked beautiful and the reflection was 👏.
10. A Cone
A Pinecone in the grass that I was desperately trying to photograph and hold Minty away from as she loves a pinecone, she eats them if you aren't careful. 🙄
11. The Holly & The Ivy
Both of them growing together as they should be.🌿
12. Anything frozen, icy, glistening. 
At Bicclescombe all the areas that the sun hadn't touched was still wonderfully frosty, about the only frost I have seen this winter. ❄️
13. Lambs, snowdrops, signs of spring.
A pretty primrose growing in the churchyard. 🌼
14. Substitute: Hands
I had a week off in January and pretty much spent the whole week learning how to make a quilt. I was tackling a flying geese unit here to make a sawtooth block.✂️
15. Bedtime
Minty is allowed up for a cuddle at bedtime and in the morning, she looks as though she wishes she was allowed to stay doesn't she. 😛🐶
16. Cosy Socks or mittens or hats or scarves.
Woolly hat and my hood was needed during the cold snap. I also had a teeshirt, wool cardigan, a work fleece and my parka on to brave the walk across the bridge. This was me waiting for the car to warm up a bit before I wanted to take them off, which I needed to do so I could see to drive. 😁 
17. A hand addressed letter
A handmade card from The Most Lovely Karen™️ for my birthday, thank you, and to all my other Most Lovelies™️ for their beautiful cards and pressies. 😘
18. Substitute: Handbag
Cheap and cheerful. 👜
19. A Cobweb
Ewww. I couldn't find a nice pretty one anywhere. 🕸
20. Substitute: Fave from Christmas
My fam, we were altogether on New Years Eve for the first time since Lauren left for Uni. It was a lovely day. 👵🏻👩🏻👩🏻👱🏻👦🏼

I scrapped the family one sorry about the quality, but I didn't photograph it before I put it in the frame.

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  1. you have some really lovely photos there and I love your layouts especially your selfie one

  2. Oooh I've missed your fabulous blog posts Jen! A lovely read and great photos, to boot. Thank you so much for joining in and well done on finishing the whole challenge :)
    Sue xxx

    1. Thank you for setting the challenge it was great, and thanks for the great feedback :-) xxx

  3. Fabulous photos and a great blog post. Love your family LO.

  4. What a lovely collection of winter photos ... I especially liked your 6 and 9 with the water. Just beautiful.And you've had time to make LOs too! I especially like the blue one of you in your hat.

  5. Beautiful photos and pages - love them :)


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