Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Wednesday

I work in retail and every three weeks we change our promotions which is, to say the least, a palaver; over the last year my fab team have honed it to perfection, we set up for it on a Tuesday during the day, then two of my team work overnight to make sure the change goes ahead with no disruption to our customers, they change the promotion space and change all our labels to make sure we trade legally and then I go in early to give them a good night cuddle, check it all off and do a clear up job in the warehouse. They did it perfectly and I was really pleased. And there was this on my not too shabby commute...
I had to stop and take these photos overlooking Exmoor.
And this view I see as I walk across the bridge from where I park to the shop.

This is my happy retail place, after the busy Easter weekend where we smashed budget our warehouse was bulging but it's burned off nicely and we are in a great place again. Feeling proud and happy.

I was pretty tired when I got back so I had a quick nap, as a few of us were joking about our "resting bitch faces" on the week in the life Facebook group I decided to take a shot of my actual RBF 🤣 
Enough filters are enough to lose most of the wrinkles 😉
I wandered out to the garden 
and Mum had been having a nice rest in the garden after her busy day. I don't take a photo of her and i'm cross about it now!
She has just started volunteering in our town museum and is enjoying it so far.
Mum tells me about her shift and I let her know about some changes at work. Louis whizzes by, hugs and kisses me and then he hugs and kisses his Nan. I adore that about him, he does it all the time. It's just him and how he is, but i'm claiming dibs on it ❤️ and he poses for me.

Alex is mooching around, seems tense and says he's fine. I know he won't pose so I capture him glugging his milk.
Feeling for them and their worries, feeling for Alex and his sticky up bit of hair that he has inherited from me 🙃
After dinner I go out for a walk to get a couple of bits and then it is so beautiful 
and I have about an hour of The Archers podcast to listen to so I carry right on and walk around the sea front and harbour. It is so beautiful (I love it at all times of year) and warm and I sense we are getting close to a good sunset. 

I love this sign of lots of my fave places in Ilfracombe.
Feeling pleasantly worn out. Feeling pleased with the good step count, it was 12k steps by the time I got home from work but the evening walk improved it no end.

Time for a glass of something, something.
Incredibly the left over prosecco is still fizzy so that will do lovely.
I blog the day because I have been enjoying doing it and I know that I will then have resolved the journaling conundrum.
Then I will be able to cut and paste these posts to add the main part of my journaling and add in any extras in my handwriting to the album. And hell, if I never get to do the scrapbook, it is all captured here on my blog which I love looking through.
Then there was the bonuses 😍 KathiJo, that I hadn't talked to for yonks got in contact and also this bonus.
 I had some comments from my friends and fellow scrapbookers and I knew a few people from the week in the life Facebook group had been liking my blog posts I had shared so I looked at my blog stats and WOW 😳☺️😍😘 so many views from so many places! Thank you everyone for looking and thank you Ali for facilitating 😊

Wednesday Done 


  1. Love as always - I didn't take enough photos yesterday :-( I've not touched my blog for months maybe even a year - must rectify this. Sarah xx

    1. Yes it is always a treat to see your scrapping 😊 Xx

  2. it all looks beautiful Jen, and nice to see Louis, I love the way you write. Well done on the steps

  3. What an amazing record of your day - so lovely to read. Thank you, Jen
    Sue xx

  4. Great photos, love Minty, she's so gorgeous. Promotion changes must be a pain, Gary says much the same. Looks a lovely walk xx


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