Friday, 16 September 2011

September Colour Combo Blog Hop…

Whooosh….and another month has gone.

Usually I love that the seasons change quicker than when I was a child, but I think now is the time of my life when I just want it to slow down….I mean sloowww right down.

I embrace autumn now. Spring used to be my favourite season, but Autumn is now. I think it is because my children are all school age and autumn term is fun. There is freshness around the potential to do well academically, the honest-injun vow on my behalf to help them all with their homework and general well-being in a structured way. There is also Hallowe’en with all the taste of pumpkins, the fun/scare festival of the night and the turning back of the tick-tock clock that dominates most of us. Then bonfire night with it’s random sparks lighting the sky and worrying every parent and pet-owner in the land.

Then the inexorable march into Christmas (there, now i’ve said it) and all it’s accompaniments.

It seems like no time at all since this time last year, even though so many things have happened.

Amy’s blog hop has reminded me of this, and a card that I have meant to do for a couple of weeks.


The design seeds inspiration can be seen there in the photo as a print out.


This is the ribbon I coloured to match the card.


All finished!

Thanks for looking.

Next up is

Here is the full blog-hop.


  1. Love how you colored the ribbon.

  2. I would never have thought to color ribbon - wonderful accent for your pretty card.

  3. I love this one - it works so well. Great make x

  4. Fall is so much fun! Loved the peek at your workspace, and the finished card is so lovely!

  5. LOVE this! The ribbon is so pretty!! Thanks for participating in the hop!

  6. Love your post! Great description of the seasons and that card and ribbon!

  7. I loved your commentary about this time of year, and I absolutely agree with you. I'm ready to let go of summer and move forward to something new. Your card is stunning! Love how you used this month's colors.

  8. Love the coloured ribbon - brilliant idea!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)