Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stir up Sunday.

I just love all that the name evokes.

It comes from the Book of Common Prayer, and the stir-up it beseeches has become associated with a reminder that it is time to get the puddings and cake made.

Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It falls on the Sunday before Advent begins, and that dear folks is next Sunday, so if you think that it isn't time to get on with it, Christmas I mean, then I am afraid it really is :D

So I have had a day in the kitchen 'warming-up' just some cupcakes and soup. Good job I did have the warm-up; the soup turned out horribly. So hopefully that is the thing that will go wrong today. After dinner I shall get on with the stirring-up of the fruits ready for the cake, everyone will have a wish as they stir it and then I shall let it steep overnight. I won't make a pudding, no-one in our family really loves it and I will get some elsewhere with Christmas dinners I expect.

Mum usually makes the cake and it is a darned fine cake, but it was her and Rich's thing, the cake, and understandably hasn't the heart for it this year, I don't want it to become a 'thing' for her so I will make one and hope that she will enjoy it. 

Oh and she will probably read this as she became a follower last week. Hello Mum :D The cake won't be nearly as good.

I have just the recipe from the stalwart Good Housekeeping Cookery Book. I haven't had a duff recipe from there in 11 years so I am going to try that one.

And, now, I have just the place to add the recipe to if it goes well. 

I made it this morning with some gorgeous papers from Ruby Rock-it called appropriately enough Cook!
Plenty of space in there for our very favourite recipes. As Mum said when she saw the soup, it won't be going in 'The box'.

 I can't leave without showing the incredibly bad shot of our Robin. He has only recently joined our gang here and what a lovely early Christmas present he is.

Have a lovely week everyone and well, stir it up.


  1. What a gorgeous recipe box! The Doctor is the only one in our household who likes Christmas cake or Christmas pudding so I have to confess to buying them both....

  2. Love your recipe box, well done.
    I don't make a cake any more, by March we'd had enough of it lol! I hope yours turns out well.

  3. I love cake! Especially Christmas Cake and I often eat my portion and three others, but the making of it and smell of it baking are such a part of Christmas I will still make one! I went shoping with my eldest girl today, she has two girls now and is appreciating how really it is all about the little 'uns!

  4. Oh Jen, I love that you are going to do the cake. You are such a star. I love your recipe box too - any chance of instructions/template/class? could we make one at our retreat maybe?

  5. Your recipe box is very pretty! And very best wishes with the cake. I( am in two minds about making one this year ... But I am getting ready for the puddings on Sunday!

  6. We tell our kids that the robins report back to Father Christmas! I've made one cake, the fruits are steeping for another and I have about 4 more to do. I do a lighter version that's kind of halfway between a Christmas cake and a Dundee cake. Have fun next Sunday x

  7. Well Jen that is just one fab blog post from beginning to end. I have a trusty GH Cookbook which is probaly 40 years old and mum's is even older. It's a shame no-one likes Christmas Pud in your house - we love it and I have a recipe that mum has used since we were children. Not owning uo to how many years ago that might be. LOL. She usually makes an extra one which we crack open for a summer family get together. Anyway enough of my wittering - your box is amazing. I hope your wonderful Lemon Ice Cream is in there?
    Sue xx

  8. Your recipe box is gorgeous! Thank you for spurring me into action - making one of these is something I've been talking about for months..

    We had a stir up pudding Sunday a couple of weeks ago with my MIL's recipe. It's taunting me now, though, I'd like to eat it now and make another one before Christmas.

    a lovely post

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Just love your recipe box - I shall look forward to seeing this next year :) x

  10. Fab post as always, Jen :) You are so thoughtful and a wonderful mother and daughter. I love the recipe box - I really need one as all my fav recipes are all over the place. I have a GH cook book too and yes, it has never let me down. I love it :)


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