Monday, 16 December 2013

Sparkle & Jingle #2

As I was saying the other day, I love to make a mini book over christmas, but I love to capture more detail so I have kickstarted project life again. Over the past few months I haven't had time to notice much detail of our lives and I have missed it, so I planned on restarting project life december first.

So here are the first pages.

 Just some patterned paper to divide december from the rest of the year.
 Some descriptions of how December started for me and what was going on the first week. Craft Fair mainly.
 Then a full 6x12 insert with a description of the craft fair day and how nice it was with the family. 
 On the reverse of the insert is one of the christmas cards I made for this year during Sue's fab Beat The Christmas Rush challenge. I am pretty sure she is repeating it this coming year and I will certainly be joining in.
 The second week with some bits and pieces about Ali coming home with a positive sticker on him. His teacher and I are working hard to communicate about what is going on with him when I can't often be at the school.
 The wish list for Ali and a review of the Primary School Christmas Musical.
 This one hasn't been scrapped yet as the print isn't very good, I will order one when Christmas is over and replace and then scrap it.
 A few more hat photos.
 My take on the UKS weekly challenge. I loved the sketch.
My take on the previous week's UKS challenge, set by Sue too.

I am really enjoying working on it again and it is a definite skill to remember to record stuff, and set aside time to record it. I will get practicing again through January as the albums are something I really treasure.


  1. Just stunning, Jen! I love to read your posts.
    Sue xxx

  2. Wow Jen.... I have not got any further than my last blog post photos.... good intention but no time. Hope you carry on enjoying your project and the Christmas festivities

  3. Great to read you again Jen. I have been doing a daily pic for December and it has actually been easy and enjoyable.. so it is lovely you have kickstarted PL again. I haven't scrapbooked since Feb! But house is done now and hope to rekindle next year. I even bought some travel Wasi tape for Zac's album yesterday. I am thinking to run a daily picture thing, working on 7-day prompts, will administer on current blog if you agree.. Lucky 7's in 2014 or something.. but probably just pics and words as option.
    Your family is so lucky, you all move forward together and appreciate each other, nothing else matters.. hope to catch you again as the month progresses.. K xxxx

  4. Good to see you are still scrapping, miss you on Lucky Snapping :(

    Like Kathi's idea with less blogging and more snapping :)

    Happy Christmas to you and the family xx

  5. Thanks for taking the time to enter my solo challenge on UKS.. I loved your take on the tree LO and am glad you liked the sketch I had chosen. I also liked Sues sketch challenge and have blogged my entry to her contest too. Happy Christmas

  6. Great pages Jen! I love the reindeer paper clips.

  7. Wow! You are such an inspiration. I love everything you make 😊


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)