Monday, 3 February 2014

Project Life: Week Two

Here are the headlines:

1. Jen - working from bleary hour to darkly hour
2. Mum - learning how to fast
3. Lauren - dealing with bad news maturely
4. Louis - thinking about Options
5. Alex - nailing division sums

Photo Spread:
PL Week 2 Full Spread edited

PL LHS Week 2 


And in other news:

1. Thrilled with my new coat (seen below) from Fat Face, love their stuff. Thinking of one of these knits next.
This was me on the first morning of my run of earlies that I have written about in the spread. I don't know why I was smiling, it was 4:15am ;-)

2. The blog has had a bit of a makeover, I wanted to be able to do a photo collage for the banner so I took a class from Elsie & Elise.
I hope you like it. The plan is to update it seasonally as the paper snowflake is going to look a bit odd come midsummer ;) 
3. For a photo view challenge this year I am taking shots at Bicclescombe Park. I love this park, I prefer my outdoors as wild as possible but I enjoy a nice park too, this will hopefully encourage us down there. Predictably January's shots are stark, I like that it starts like that, to see the 'bones' of the landscape before it fluffs out and blooms and then fades away again.

Favourite bit about project life this week:
Using my new paper collection for this and the accompanying layouts. It's Studio Calico-Printshop! and it is pretty versatile so far. I have also completed up to the end of week 4 so only week 5 to do. That feels good. I still love the project and all the family have been in this evening to look at it as I was working on it. That is my favourite bit I think.


  1. Lovely new look to your blog, Jen and your PL is so special. Well done.
    Sue x

  2. I love that they all have a look at it as you work on pl. Great photos, it'll be cool to see the difference as the year goes on. Love the coat & those jumpers are lovely. Well done on the runs & the early starts. Gary goes at 5.30 everyday, yuk! I'd hate it!

  3. Blimey you're looking good for that time of the morning!

    the blog banner is beautiful..those lovely pictures will give you a great stock of pictures to illustrate layouts too

  4. Love the new banner, it's gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing PL pages and need to make a start on mine now that January is over....already! I'm a Fat Face fan too :o) Was very disappointed to find that they had disappeared from the outlet village when we went there on Saturday. Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. I'm loving the new look of your blog and your PL is fab as always with some really good photos.

    I'm a big fan of FF too :)

  6. Really lovely PL pages, Jen

  7. I'm up at 5am most days but I'm not looking as smiley as you at 4am! Great pages, and I love the new look for your blog - clean and neat. I like the idea of changing the banner too, look forward to seeing the seasonal change. The idea of a monthly shot appeals, I thought of it but did nothing about it. I guess I'm not too late..

  8. Love your Project Life layout! I'm just starting PL and always looking for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great new look to your blog. Loving those photos...and your coat!

  10. Lovely new banner Jen :) Great PL work - love reading what you have been up to x

  11. Love your PL and that coat looks super cosy!

  12. Your banner looks great - it will be fun to see it change from season to season. And your PL is making me jealous - all that lovely journaling - well done you!

  13. I Love your photo banner-I must try that!!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)