Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Bucket List: Intro Page

This will be our second year to compile and complete a Summer Bucket List (for details see here and I saw the original idea here). The basic idea is that everyone in the family contributes to the list which consists of things to do. This dovetails exactly with what I discussed in my last post about how I like to plan to do things to make sure we do things, enjoy them, record them and then document them with pretty paper and embellishments.

Some items on the list are exactly the same because they were awesome, some are similar in idea and some are new. Sadly some didn't make it, there is after all only so much summer available and a budget, so, no Ali-we can't go to Disneyland and Australia.
Now that is a bucket list :-)


So the list this year comprises:
1. Harry Potter Studio
We have heard good things about this tour so that will be our big treat.

2. Learn to sew
We have started, not well, but we have started.

3. Harry Potter Movie Marathon Day
PJ Day for a rainy day.

4. Make a Teddy
This is ambitious, see no. 2 

5. Blog Series 'Snapshot'
This is something I am considering for the blog inspired by other blog series I have seen

6. Plymouth Aquarium
The rest of the family have been over the past few years, but I haven't.

7. Stargazing Exmoor
This was utterly magical last year, we went ill-prepared as it was a little spontaneous and in April last year so it was very cold. We will be much better prepared with a disposable bbq, marshmallows for s'mores and dunking in hot choc while we marvel.

8. Daytime Coastal Cruise
We went in the evening and saw Dave the Dolphin last year, completely serene and lots of fun. We are going to go in the day and go the other way along the coast, see if we can see Sammy the Seal.

9. Make Chocolate Ice Cream
We have a great recipe for vanilla and for lemon, now the boys think we need one for chocolate, who am I to argue with that?

10. Coast Path & Geocaching
This has endured through the other amazing seasons and we will continue this summer.

11. Tunnels Beach
5 minutes from us we have a set of smugglers tunnels and a natural pool and beach, it has all been renovated and civilised with the addition of a play zone, excellent coffee and sunny outdoor seating.

12. Bodyboarding
I am not sure if I will still be brave enough to go on my own once the children have gone, but I think I probably will as I adore it and so do Louis and Lauren.

13. Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt
I have looked on at others completing this for a couple of years and this year I am joining in. If you haven't heard of it you can find out more here.

14. Catch a crab from Ilfracombe Pier
Recreating a childhood memory for and with Alex. 

14. Make Ginger Beer
Last year it was lemonade and you will see why we will need it for the next and final activity.

15. An Old Fashioned Picnic in an Old Fashioned Place.
We think it will be Dunster Castle and we are going to get out the proper picnic hamper (rather than the cool box and bag for life we normally use ;-)) make all the proper picnic food from scratch and wash it down with lashings of ginger beer.


Here we go! 

We have been out on the coast path already, also we have taken some photos for the scavenger hunt and we may have caught a crab, if you follow me on instagram you might already know :-) So hopefully I will be back tomorrow or the day after with one of those tales.
Thanks for coming by.


  1. It all sounds simply perfect, Jen - I hope you manage to achieve most if not all of it. I love the sound of an old fashioned picnic and if we come down your way can Chris go body boarding with you? He loves it and of course when he's with me he's Billy No Mates LOL!

  2. Oh that's wonderful Jen! I did the HP tour last week.. you HAVE to go.. it's worth every penny! I am going to take inspiration from you too now... I'm starting my very own bucket list!

  3. I love this. I know I'm not going to be the only one who says - may we please come and do summer at your house?!

  4. Makes me sooo happy that the scavenger hunt is on your bucket list! I've got a bit more of a summer manifesto this year, rather than a bucket list. I hope to blog about it soon.

  5. Ooh, that looks such fun - and the thought of all those experimental chocolate ice creams is mouth watering :).


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)