Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Rinda's 2014 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.

I hope I am only fashionably late to the party. If I am unfashionably late then I apologise. Life eh.

Edit: I wrote those words a fortnight ago when I was only maybe fashionably late. A huge project at work and horrible lurgy have knocked me out, long hours and then reading in bed dosed up is all I have been doing!

I loved the challenge, I wouldn't say I finished it, I definitely didn't nail it.

However, after digging back through my photo stream for the summer, I have managed to find a couple of ok entries just from looking back through them with a keener eye.

Ok, here we go. I guess the only invigilators are myself and Rinda. But please feel free to yell out if you disagree with any of my takes :-) I guess the main thing is that I enjoyed it.

#1 A sign welcoming people to your own town.

#2 A garden gnome.

#3 Birds on a wire.
Good lord, I have photos of birds next to wire, on poles next to wire, on metal rigid wires and despite trying very hard all summer, this was the best I could do! This was 5am and those lights were red for so long I had time to wonder if I had time to get the photo of the birds, decide there was, take the photo and then decide that the lights were broken and I should just go through them. I really wanted a better photo, but by the 23rd September this was the best and only one I had.

#4 A group of tourists.

#5 A rack of postcards.

#6 An urban street scene.
It didn't get more urban for me this year, I was loitering for a while hoping a whole crowd of urbanites would wander along but it wasn't to be.

#7 A rural landscape.
This is the edge of the Pincombe farm lands, and the Bristol Channel.

#8 A tattoo.
Lauren's henna tattoo.

#9 A bakery.
This bakery. If you are in North Devon, go there for the rolls. Just scrumptious and they win many many awards.

#10 A photobomb.
Louis :-) It's funny when you are interested in photography you learn not to do this at all and be aware at all times of what is in the frame so I was wondering how to get an authentic photobomb. My Mum who is less familiar with the DSLR didn't see Louis.

#11 A horn.
I didn't think I had one at all, but on closer inspection of Ali being 'sorted' in the Harry Potter Studio Tour gift shop he had a unicorn behind him :-)

#12 A mascot.
I don't know if this qualifies but really, why wouldn't a Morris Dancer be a mascot of Devon?

#13 A sunrise.
A lovely memory of this summer, I have woken at stupid o' clock for the past 3 summers just for a sunrise shot at midsummer and it has been some of my loveliest memories. It is something I think and hope I will always do.

#14 A parade.
Ilfracombe Carnival and of course, Uncle Tom Cobley. That is Kevin and Christian at the back, friends from school days.

#15 A juggler.
An amateur juggler.
#16 A sign not in english A birdhouse.
We don't have a birdhouse for them, the dizzy rascals as we have named them treat the whole of our tiny garden as their birdhouse. There has been 20 of them from the same family regularly throughout the day using the whole garden as their bath and feeding station and outlook. We love them all.

#17 A lamppost.
Southsea parade. I have seen a lot of lampposts this summer, but these were the nicest.

#18 A waterfall.
Watersmeet, Exmoor.

#19 A public garden.
Bicclescombe Park, Ilfracombe.

#20 A bus with a picture on the side.

#21 A photo of me representing the season.
At a wedding, very seasonal.

The layouts I have finally finished. Made using a kit I put together for the Simple Recipes challenge on UKS. I made a 12x12...

...and 4 6x6's. I used papers from Heidi Swapp & Simple Stories along with some gold glitter cardstock and gold foil paper.

This is how they look all together and as they will go in my album.
I am looking forward to doing the other side of the 6x6 pocket page. It is such a challenge to do a 6x6 after 12x12s.

Thank you Rinda for such a great photo challenge, it definitely added to my summer experience.


  1. Absolutely super photos Jen, well done you. I think I managed about 10 in the end.

  2. Fabulous waterfall(s!). Love Devon.... :o)

  3. Amazing photos, Jen. Loved reading the story of your summer hunting.
    Sue xx

  4. But you have made layouts too and that sounds like nailing it to me :)

    I hope you are feeling a lot better now

  5. So nice to see your news and see images of your summer.. I think I spotted about 5 of the lot.. just didn't get out enough! Big loves to you all.. K x

  6. You have some great photos here! And you've reminded me that I haven't scrapped my own yet...


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)