Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Down the rabbit hole.

These things have caught my eye over the past few days, I love the 'down the rabbit hole' effect of the internet. 

1. Dr Ivan Joseph at TEDMy One Little Word this year is Assurance. I have been researching what it means to be assured and especially the self-confidence part. I liked his talk and especially this sentiment as to what it takes to be self-confident:
I am intending on working on this through February. Mainly in repeating what I did in January for my health.

2. I have been using it for a while but if you haven't used it before may I recommend Rhonna Farrer's apps Rhonna Designs and RD Magic which are brilliant when used on their own and even better used together. Here is the link to the iTunes app and here is the link to the android version. Easier and cheaper than photoshop! I made that quote above and use them on most of my iPhone photos. 

3. Impatiently waiting for our #snowmageddon2015, meanwhile in America. Chortle. Especially the last one.

4. I joined Sandra Paul’s Ravelry group. I really don’t know what to try first. But, if you forced me to pick and I had the skill I would make this one next.
She has just started a podcast which I like a lot, try here at A Cherry Heart.

5. I made something I pinned! Honey Cloud Pancakes. Even. Better. Than. They. Sound. 

Oh and this as well, zero untangling in my bag since I did.

6. At the top of my wishlist are these. I have the black patent version for work and they are so comfy, the most comfy work shoes I have ever had. These are so cute. They have pink ribbons for laces. I would draw the line at that though and insert the cream laces. I think I would anyway. I am pretty sure I am not a pink ribbon sort of a 41 year old :-)


Happy 'down the rabbit hole'-ing. But remember, chores and life are good too ;-)


  1. fab new post Jen, is this a new blog or have you just changed the title and I love the wintry pics across the top. I want that crochet blanket and your panckes please.

    1. New header Maria, I will bring the makings of the pancakes to Olney.

  2. Lovely post Jen. Thank you for the Android app link (you may want to change your settings to have a new window open when you click on your links...I lost you for a minute as I was re-directed to the other site). I shall have to remember to right-click & open in a new tab. Thankfully I found you again my lovely!
    The crochet blanket looks gorgeous & I am looking forward to reading your progress on that :)

    1. Great feedback Chris, I shall investigate the link editor more closely. I shouldn't be making it hard :-)

  3. Hi Jen....loving the look of those pancakes!.....I love those shoes, saw them in Clarks but I do have cream/beige ones from last year, can't justify having those this year...and keep the ribbons, they are not a pinky pink IYKWIM!! I would love to be able to crochet, I love that I blanket! Hugs Sarah xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, I will rethink the ribbons :-) xxx

  4. I'm very tempted to go looking for some summery shoes now. These are beautiful

  5. How tempting the pancake looks. I won't mind that for breakfast

  6. I so love reading your blog, Jen.
    Sue xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)