Wednesday, 2 December 2015

December Daily: The start...

I am not as prepared for the season as I have been for the past few years. Since we lost Dad and Rich it has been a season that we have tried to make as magical as possible under the circumstances. I am really proud that we have and that the kids (and us) have still had a wonderful season. Big thanks go to my Mum, losing a husband and a son is unimaginable and she has gone through it with grace, love, peace and her blimmin' lovely smile. So this December is for you Mum. 
This year we have a new young adult as Lauren just turned 18. Hang on, I just had to pause and think "what?" for the millionth time this past few weeks. 
Ali is into his second christmas as a non-believer. Jeekers.
Louis is 15 and getting his teenage bearings. You know.

It is different and enjoyable and weird. If you have been through it then you know; if you haven't then prepare yourself by enjoying every second of the believers, the excited-by-stockingers, the circling-the-tv-guiders, the wide eyed excitementeers.

So this year I decided that if I didn't do anything, then, well I wouldn't do anything.
So I bought the December Daily kit from Ali Edwards, I knew that if I paid out I wouldn't want it to go to waste. Usually I love putting together a kit but not this year, I knew I needed something different. 

I had a lovely couple of days last week putting together my foundation pages. For those that don't know I work in retail and of course we are busy in December. So finding creative energy isn't always possible. But now I have a whole album sitting here ready to just add words and pictures :)

Oh and I also need to find stuff to do that will include everyone. Ice Skating, Christmas Markets, but mainly seeing those I love.

Oh and find Peace and Quiet. Those are my intentions. 

Happy December everyone  


  1. This is a great start & fab aims. Happy December xxxx

  2. The book is looking good, I hope you find enough time to fill it. My 3 are 15 year old twin boys and a 13 year old girl and if I'm not too careful I wish back for 'yesterday' and miss how amazing they are now. I wouldn't mind the chance to go back though and tell myself to enjoy the toddler and preschool stage more, and that it will be gone so quickly. Have a VERY peaceful and happy December.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)