Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Boxes

I wanted to make something more permanent (and handmade) for the children to have for advent, however time ran away from me last year – how I begrudged buying choc mass produced calendars for them last year.

Anyway I have done it this year, the boxes were £1.75 and I have done all the chocs for £2 so there was enough to buy some little toys and geegaws to go in them.

They are only filled if child is good….Ali finally gets his second one tomorrow!


Mum’s (BG Jovial), Lauren was in charge of some set-aside pocket money on wednesday when we all went to town and Mum had some cracking knee length pink and brown socks with owls on them today Smile


Mine (Prima North Country) The flowers have bling on them now. I was the happy recipient of a cream material bracelet with a turquoise stone hanging from it today Smile


Lauren’s (BG Jovial) Bright greeny-turquoise nail varnish Smile


Louis’ (Echo Park – Everybody Loves Christmas) Jumping Beans


Ali’s (BG Jovial) Generally empty, although he did succeed the first day and got a dinosaur encased in a clay shell which he had to chip away (with included tools) he and Lauren had a very happy 20 minutes before school and an hour after school freeing it – and creating a dust storm!!

I’ve modpodged the papers down on the top, before we put them away I will do it to all of the embellies as well and possibly add paper to the box surround, but more likely just varnish.

Let’s hope they do the job and encourage the good.

Ali was getting a bit bored earlier, I was thinking it was time for bed, he was thinking that it was time for another game. I mentioned that maybe he should quit whilst ahead as he currently had been so good he would find something in his advent box………asleep in ten minutes. I’m thinking a January box, Febru……..


  1. I love how you have decorated each box. I hope Ali continues to be good:)

  2. These are a great idea. Love the papers you have chosen and the embellies xxx

  3. These boxes are beautifully done ... How special!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)