Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Owl and The Pussycat and Other Animals.


Is there anything cuter than infants in a nativity? No, not really if you are the mother of an infant. I will never forget Louis’ first nativity, everyone said, “you’ll cry” and I’m thinking, ‘well no, I don’t think so, I-you know-see him every day’.

Yes of course I started before they even entered the hall Surprised smile

It has been the same ever since. I have looked forward to this week with Louis’ concert at the church on wednesday evening and Ali’s nativity play at school on thursday.

It was Louis’ first secondary school christmas concert and {heartbreak} Ali’s last nativity.

I won’t blog the kids but here is one of Mum and Ali waiting.



It was absolutely amazing, the bands, the glee club, the GCSE students, Louis’ year 7 choir, the soloists. Just fab all of it. Great to see such talent.

And, yes, even though he is no longer an infant in a nativity, I was tearing up as soon as the concert started. When they all sang Coldplay’s Fix You at the end, I was just mush.

Ali was up next on thursday. It started off quite sadly as Mrs Thompson the head retired on friday and this was her last play to introduce.

The take on the nativity this year was from the animals point of view Smile


Ali was the Owl, he had the trickiest words to say and he also obviously remembered all of it well as he was helping to prompt the others. I so wish I could show you the photos of them all, there was a cockerel, a cat, cows, sheep, a mouse and some very fancy camels! Of course the supporting cast of angels, shepherds, and Mary and Joseph were there as well.

He did so well, I was so proud of him.

Update: Children’s behaviour much, much better. They are not angels but I don’t expect them to be. I am worried about this week as they are now on holiday but hopefully it will be ok. Ali told me yesterday that he had been talking to Louis and they had decided to share nicely and that I would be seeing new lives…..lets hope.


  1. It sounds wonderful! Bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house

  2. Congratulations to your owl! :)

    I cry at every performance at school, even when my own kids aren't in them...

  3. Ali looks so cute and I am not surprised you had a tear in your eye. You're a Mum and that's what it's all about, those heart melting moments:)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)