Sunday, 11 March 2012


Louis always makes me happy, he has the sweetest nature and he is so attuned to other people’s moods. He knows when you need a hug. Even when he is trying to be stroppy or grumpy he cannot keep it up. He has always been the same, even the midwife said she thought he was trying to smile early.

This was taken not long after he turned 3. My favourite age. We just had the best time. I love this photo of us smiling together. I love that I don’t look overweight and so much older either Winking smile.


We were both in training for the Great South Run. Louis was going to run in the Mini Great South Run, he was one of the youngest as he had just turned 3. I was doing the whole 10 miles for the first time and getting quite worried about it. My Dad helped me buy one of the new-fangled 3 wheel jogging buggy thingies and as I lived next to Southsea Seafront which is flat, I would get Louis in the buggy, with his breakfast or supper in a tupperware pot in his lap and jog along. I have such happy memories of that time.

The new My Minds Eye paper drew me in for the turquoise but as I tried to work out what I was going to scrap with it, it was the yellow that I kept coming back to.

IMG_3265 (500x333)

That led me to the picture and title Smile

I apologise for the poor photo, I resized it before I cropped it. Well I think that is what is wrong!




  1. Love this page! Totally agree on the paper!

  2. Such a lovely photo and page - the word 'sonshine' is delightful. That's a lovely fresh colour combination.

  3. You look gorgeous in this photo and so happy. I love your page and the papers are lush.

  4. Awhh, you sound like it was a nice time, and so nice when you have a layout to give a favourite pic the emphasis it deserves.. I even remember the time and how I felt when I scrapped something! Xx

  5. Jen your family stories warm my heart. Such a lovely photo of you and Louis and a fab LO, too.
    Sue x

  6. Loved this page when I saw you do it at our Bijoux Belles Retreat and I love it just as much seeing it again here xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)