Saturday, 8 September 2012

LSNED - Week One

Last year, my first year, I did a bit my own thing, this year I really have read the prompts and tried to look for lessons. I don't know that I have got much further than I did last year, but I am enjoying it all over again.
I have set up record cards to note ideas from the prompt and my daily things, thoughts etc.
IMG 5804
I think I will hook these all together with a jump ring and tuck it into the back of the finished book.
1st September-self explanatory.
2nd September-My first great teacher in the world of work.
3rd September - I learned this lesson last year as well I am afraid. I hope this year I make it a more regular habit.
4th September - My ongoing lesson I have to keep on with. I love and feel better for being outside but would often rather plump for indoors. Hence the plumpness I suspect.
5th September - The ribbon tab lifts the first journaling tab for the second about how I don't review why I haven't done things on the plan, I let it sit there at the back of my mind - unfinished. I will probably work on this one.
6th September - Gratitude to my lovely family but especially Mum and how happy I was to receive a letter from her telling me how grateful she is.
7th September - Quite plain, but I did all the journaling on the back about changes I have noticed in them over the past few weeks.
So that is the first week done.


  1. I love how you're presenting this, especially your use of index cards :)

  2. I love the idea of the numbers on the fingers for the school photo! I'd rather be inside too but when I get off my backside and get out, I do really enjoy it.

  3. Fab Jen, love all the hand written bits. Looking forward to next weeks:D

  4. This is lovely,I would so love to do this project but only got half way through my last project so feel I should finish that first..thanks for sharing it with everyone xx

  5. I'm recording my learning in this first-time-for-me LSNED class in blog posts and I've been wondering whether to put these into an album format. I love what you are doing and it's inspired me to at least consider making something as well as posting. Thanks!

  6. It's coming together beautifully. I'm finding it hard to believe that we are a week in already - where's the time going?!

  7. fab pages Jen - looks like it going well!!!
    Hugs Sarah x x

  8. Jen, I love love love your journalling. You are a talented writer, you know?
    Sue xx

  9. I do like how you pages have come together, all different but very much a style that coordinates.

  10. Awww bless your mum - how nice to receive such a beautiful letter, something to treasure.
    Sue is right - you are a fab talented writer :)xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)