Wednesday, 19 September 2012

LSNED Week Two, even though we are a good way through week three already….

It was a strange week and I used a lot less photos. I was going to rectify that this week, but actually they have ended up being even more wordy this week too.
The 8th is at the end of the post as I explain that one a little more.
The 9th.
I took the quote from the prompt and then wrote a long letter to mum which folds out. It is basically musing on what she has taught me by listening to her.
IMG 5791IMG 5792
The 10th.
I didn't get it done in time to link it up to the main 10 Things on the Tenth post but I love this sort of journaling so I was glad to still do it.
IMG 5793
The 11th.
The prompt asked us to ponder our learnings from photos or photography which has been a theme for me for about 3 years now and this year especially as I took the DSLR off of the automatic setting and onto full manual at the end of the summer and I joined in with the 366 Challenge here and here this year.
IMG 5794
The 12th.
Backslang was a language my best friend Lisa and I learned together when we were about 14 as we were paranoid about anyone overhearing our conversations. Yep, they were that important :) Mum had told Lauren about it a few days ago and her eyes just lit up at the thought of it. It all collided today as I was thinking of Lisa as she was in town for the funeral.
IMG 5795IMG 5796
The 13th.
IMG 5784
The 14th.
IMG 5798
So a bit of a wordy week dealing with the funeral.
The 8th.
So back to the 8th on a much lighter note for New Skill Saturday.
IMG 5785
I told my friend Maria way back in March that a goal for me this year was to learn how to crotchet so I could make my own flowers for layouts. So far I have been afraid of it and how awful I felt at not getting it.
Anyway, Shimelle asking us to try a new skill made me want to have another go.
As I was doing the store inspection at work, I saw this publication on offer, it totally startled me, I literally stopped in my tracks and I nearly grabbed it and ran for the staffroom. Anyway, the yarn that came with it is much better and the instructions were so clear that I really made headway quite quickly.
The photo below is of the first chain practice.
IMG 5800
I am especially excited today as it was my day off and I think I have turned a corner with it. I finally, get it, I just couldn't see where I was putting the hook next, I had the hang of yarn over or hook under or hook round or whichever is your favourite way to say it. I couldn't for the life of me see where to put the hook through for double crotchet, but I do now :D How many months will it be before I finish a small flower? Many I would imagine, but for now I am exceedingly pleased with myself.
So please don't judge but here is the today's effort.

IMG 5787
A bit better. It's twisted as I haven't got the hang of tension yet. But I will practice, practice, practice which of course is my lesson learned.


  1. Jennie, I do think that spending time on this challenge and on scrapbooking and blogging is quite therapeutic and when others feel your pain, sadnesses, smiles, laughs, happiness it is shared and out there, hopefully being lived and you are growing through it..not because of it, just getting through it and coming out the other side.. the year our Lilly was born and we lost my Mum was a real lesson for me and it all kind of made sense, though to be fair it was much more the natural cycle than you have had to experience this year.. hugs from us all.. xx

  2. This challenge feels a lot like the one I do on a Friday. The Rocking Fridays and if this challenge helps you the way the one I'm doing has helped me get over some difficult times - it can only be a good thing :) It sounds like you've had a tough time of it lately but just look at the positives you've pulled out of those situations.

    Such a lovely post and am so impressed with your crochet - that and knitting are two things I'd love to do but could never grasp.

  3. Aww (((Jen))), what a rough time you're having at the moment.

    I'm loving reading your LSNED and well done on mastering your crocheting:D

  4. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I hope working on this beautiful project has been therapeutic for you x

  5. I love your pages and how willing you are to share the good and the not good moments in life.

  6. Jen my lovely you know where I am.
    Love and hugs
    Sue xx

  7. {{{hugs}}} Jen - as if you didn't already have enough on your plate. Hoping that LSNED is being therapeutic and that week 3 is better for you!

  8. This is awesome. Love how it is coming along...thanks for visiting my blog

  9. I'm really sorry to realise what a hard tiime you've been having of it. Everyone else has said it better than I could - LSNED seems to have come at a good time to give you something to focus on. All the bets to you, from me.

  10. I have always wanted to learn to crochet (or crotchet?), now for the same reason as you! However I found someone on Facebook that sells the flowers very cheaply and this would save me trying and failing to learn and then possibly becoming addicted to something else on top of paper! Hope the coming week is better for you xx

  11. Sorry you had such a bad week :(
    Now you've got that far with the crochet it won't take you long to do a flower. Granny squares are a nice easy way to go from rows, to rounds to flowers.

  12. So many emotions in here, Jen, in your week - feels like a rollercoaster just reading it. I was sad to read of the grief you're going through, and understand how it bubbles through when we are not busy. And felt so uplifted by your triumphant crochet success: you're off and away now!

  13. What an emotional week for you Jen :( I want to give you a big hug chuck xxx
    Well done on cracking crochet, it's on my to do list or rather my bucket list, but quite near the bottom, there are too many places to explore first!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)