Tuesday, 2 October 2012

LSNED. Finished. Happy.

Pesky work threatened the finishing of this project…but I prevailed. The satisfaction with last years project spurred me on to complete this year.
Unfortunately I cannot break this down for you, it is just a ton of photos now as I have the last two weeks to do in one. I love to record my scrapping here as it helps me to keep it all straight and in order.
So we are going back in order.
The New Skill Saturday has been brilliant, I have got so much better at crotchet….it even vaguely looks right!
IMG 5788
Some thoughts about how being Store Designate (boss lady) for a couple of weeks has made my edges much sharper and that I had a few apologies to make this week.
IMG 5789
A stroll down to the town can reflect some things.
IMG 5790
Ali's ingenuity is astounding some days. I have no idea how he got to this game, but I am impressed and I had fun!
IMG 5792
A joyful moment, my brother and I had a shorthand (well you do don't you) and I miss his banter. Since he died I have shut the feelings out, the horror comes on me when I think that he is gone and I usually shut it down really quickly. Today I thought of him and how he loved tinned pears and a joke we had about it. Today was the first time I remembered him without shutting it straight down and was able to comment on it to Mum.
IMG 5793
Birthday boy Ali, of course he had to wear the birthday hat, everyone does.
IMG 5794
He lives out loud. Love that quote.
IMG 5795
A little glimmer of making a tiny bit of money from crafting is on the horizon, from a wedding invite I made here.
IMG 5797
New Skill Saturday, I managed the treble, maybe, I think!
IMG 5798
I finally used some of the waste from die-cutting squares to use as embellies.
IMG 5799
I *heart* turquoise :)
IMG 5800
Some thoughts on change. I train it, coach it and examine my own feelings about it a load at work.
IMG 5801
Quick and simple.
IMG 5802
Simply a Moment. Alexa's great idea and I hope to go back and make a 12x12 page.
IMG 5803
New Skill Saturday, The Help.
IMG 5804
Nearly done.
IMG 5805
All done and bound. Happy and proud of my learnings.
IMG 5785


  1. Well done on getting it completed Jen - you have a lovely little book to look back on :) x

  2. I have so enjoyed reading you post this morning, and your pages are beautifully displayed. Touched you could share about not closing down and heard your noticing a change there too. :)

  3. Just lovely, Jen. Well done. You write from the heart and I love that.
    Sue xx

  4. Oh Jen its super super, I loved it and you have made me want to get a move on and finish mine.... I loved your writing as usual. I wanted to say that re your brother, that the shutting down will get longer, and one day you will definitely be able to rememeber and enjoy without the sadness, it WILL happen, believe me, I know.

    and Im so pleased about the crochet!

  5. Absolutely fab Jen and well done on mastering crochet. I love the idea of Simply a moment and might have to copy that at some point.

  6. Beautiful LSNED book Jen and congratulations on finishing it. It gives us such a proud moment, doesn' it? I love your pages and your journaling. xxx

  7. Ahh Jen, I have just taken a few minutes out and really enjoyed reading this. I particularly appreciate your feeling written about remembering the banter.. it is gradual but in our house it is almost always me who brings up people who are no longer here, the others seem able to skirt round it but I think it's important to say their names and remember the fun stuff, even the grumbles, we always end up remembering and smiling.. you're doing okay.. xx

  8. Well done on finishing! That's a great album to look back on.

  9. happy? I'll bet you are! This is a fantastic achievement and it has made for a very enjoyable blog post. Your pages are pretty, your photos are so welcoming and filled with soft, pretty light and your words have given us all something to think about. Love that.

  10. That is so fab, Jen! I spent ages looking at each of your pages, they are all so good it is hard to pick one to comment on. Love you have challenged the crochet - that was my last year. Sadly I've not kept it up so would need a fresher now but it is something I can pick up again more easily now I grasped the basic. Love the 'Simply a Moment' page. A great idea of Alexa's and something I must try too.
    I have got as far as making a note for each day but now need to turn them into an album. Pages and cover are ready so I just need some time. It was looking back on a past year & realising how much I got out of it that drove me to take part again this year. I love short courses where you have an end result - even if I don't deliver on time. Well done you, a good job done!

  11. you have a fantastic little book there. Enjoyed reading your lessons!

  12. it looks fantastic, well done on completing LSNED, you should be happy, its beautiful :)

  13. It looks fabulous! Yay you :) Congrats on the wedding invitation news, that's lovely. And your page and explanation about the pears is very moving xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)