Saturday, 6 October 2012

September in Numbers.

I am recording my Month in Numbers which is a great idea of Julie Kirk over at Notes On Paper.

So September, I recorded a lot of it as I was also doing LSNED. I love this way to pick out some faves though.

30 pages of LSNED completed, it is a great project and the same happened this year as last, there were a few days at the beginning when I did it daily and then a chunk of week 3 just was one liners of what happened. I managed to complete it on the last day so I was chuffed to bits with that. I also used all scraps as well so that made me really happy.
3 cakes made. I am not too bad at making cakes and icing them with a ganache or runny frosting but any more than that and I am clueless. My youngest son was 8 on the 24th and he wanted a moshi monster cake as he is obsessed. Well I managed to decorate it enough to keep him happy.
I watched lovely youtube to see how to colour fondant easily, lay it on the cake and burnish it. I was quite happy with the result and I don't think he noticed that the only moshi monsters on the cake were paper ones. It has inspired me to practice now though, so I made a chocolate cake and a lemon cake for the business plan launches we had at work this week.
2 pairs of onesies bought for the boys. I did not know that they were cool! I want one now....

1 new skill that Shimelle encouraged us to try. Crotchet. It is a new year resolution of mine to learn how to crotchet small flowers for my scrapbooking. I have had a few tries to no avail, but a few things collided this month which gave rise to a small measure of success. I am still a ham-fisted beginner, but I feel so relieved that I get it a bit!
3 children back to school. I used an idea I saw on Rachel Elliot's blog for recording which birthday it is and adapted it for the year group they are going into.
2 days wandering about my town.

Here is my layout to record the numbers, with a couple of the photos. I have scraplifted Susi's layout from here.

Hello October.


  1. That's fabulous, Jennie, a gorgeous layout :) I noticed - and noted! - your 'stickers on fingers' idea for recording the school year - definitely want to remember that...

  2. Another super blog post to read, Jen. Lov ethe cake and the ohotos and the LO.
    Sue xx

  3. Brilliant blog post - love this idea of a month in numbers :)
    What a beautiful town you live in *jealous* xxx

  4. great month in numbers post...I like the layout you have done for the month of September too :)

  5. I love reading your posts Jen - you have such a lovely way with words. Keep up the good work ;-)

  6. Your cake turned out brilliantly Jen, it doesn't matter that the monsters were paper.

    The photos of Ilfracombe look stunning. I'm sure I've been but I can't remember it at all, maybe we need a trip in Polly to come and have a proper look?

    Love reading your blog but I still don't get the month in numbers lol!

  7. Looks like you've had some perfect Autumnal weather to go a-wandering in. Great photos and a lovely layout too - love the colours.

    I was very disobedient - I didn't learn any new skills during LSNED and ... I wouldn't even attempt crochet last time some friends all had a go! I'm sure you're efforts will pay off though!

    Thanks for joining in again, I've pinned your post to the board now:

    Happy October!

    Julie :-)

  8. Great set of numbers and layout Jennie. The cake looks super - isn't it amazing what there is to learn on youtube.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)