Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Damien Hirst has gifted Verity, a bronze statue of a pregnant woman wielding a sword and scales with a cut-away portion that shows her insides, to us for 20 years. It has caused a right ole ruckus in our little town. He may as well have called her Marmite.

I have reserved judgement until I could see what she looks like in place and today was that day, they hoisted her up just yesterday and she even made the national news.

I am really happy with it, yes she is a bit freaky, what with some of her innards on show :D but she is a great size, big enough to be a statement but not overwhelm the pier and cope with Hillsborough Cliffs behind her. The bronze is absolutely stunning and with the sun shining on her today she looked great.

We cannot get right up to her yet as they are still installing the lights.

I was so inspired, I came right home and after dinner made a tag book for a UKS pre-crop challenge.

The view from Larkstone Cove.

Alex was not at all happy, he said she was rude and scary. Fair comment an eight year old boy hasn't much time for pregnancy or naked ladies. It will be interesting to see what he thinks when her time is up and he is 28.

He was much happier when we moved away from her a bit.

and we couldn't resist the silly photo.

 Apologies for the poor light on the photos. My big camera has broken down. Which is A Very Bad Thing. Camera Hospital time.

There were so many people there today and the harbour shops were doing a roaring trade, if it brings in even a percent extra income it will be fab.
If you are interested here is the clip from the news (please scroll down to the first video, it will ask you to log-in if you aren't on facebook but you can just close the window). Now I would just like to say that I cannot be represented by, or held accountable for, some of my townsfolk's views ;)
Especially the man at the end that thought a pirate would be preferable.  
Hello? Is it suddenly 1812?
I doubt Walt Disney World Ilfracombe would follow :) Alex would be happier if it did of course.


  1. Fabulous pictures Jen, I would love to see Verity. I'm sure she is a bit scary for an 8 year old and yes, it will be interesting to hear what ALi thinks when he is 28 lol!

    Well done on doing the tags so quickly, they are lovely.

  2. I kinda like it but its not in my town. It will be really interesting to see how people's views change over the years. Great tags!

  3. Fab photos! I love the view across the bay, Jen. I can't wait to come and have you show her to me.
    Sue xx

  4. Very interesting - I'd seen this on the news, lovely to hear (and see!) your views :)

  5. By the time he's 28 he won't even give her a passing glance. He'll barely remember life without her!

  6. WOW I hadn't realised she was cut-away on the other side - more interesting than a pirate any day. Your tag book is lovely - especially the funny photo :D

  7. Great little tag book Jen - fab pics :)

  8. Great writing and coverage of a really memorable moment for your town.. X

  9. I love the way you've done this and your tags are super. LOL about ALI, but I loved your description of the bronze shining in the sunshine.

  10. I saw the documentary on BBC 1, I can't say I like the thing, but you did a great job at presenting it Jen. Beautiful tags ! xxx

  11. I really love your first picture jen.. it deserves pride of place in the layout you must do! but then,so do Ali's expressions x

  12. I saw this on the news and thought of you :) I like your photo of her very much..and I think I like her too, though I'm sure there are plenty who think rude and scary is a great description!

  13. Really interesting to see her - heard about it on the radio. Mmm, I think my jury is still out; I tend not to like things cutting across the sea view. It will be interesting to see how she weathers the years! But your tags are super - I like the humour of the measuring one.

  14. well it is certainly different and I imagine she will srouse different reactions. I went all the way to liverpool to see the statues on Crosby beach, so you never know, she may draw visitors. Love your mini album and no doubt you will be back for more photos once she is properly installed.

  15. Hi Jennie, I have just blogged about Verity, having just returned from North Devon for the weekend. I may have sounded a bit rude about the locals, so I apologise if it seems so - I certainly do NOT mean to tar everyone with the same brush!! I'm sure you know what I mean as you refer to some of the more bonkers of them in your post too! I thought she was great, but definitely on the really weird side. I will have a poke about your blog at a later point, as I am at work now, and should be - well, working I suppose. Ha ha.


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