Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween.

At the end of September I saw the pumpkins go on sale and wondered to myself whether Ali would still be interested in Halloween, being as how he is 8 now and everything.
So I bought a big 'un and he was so excited. 

Bearing in mind that he does not tolerate photo shoots, snaps, portraits or indeed the camera anywhere near him without a scowl, I was astonished that he wanted me to take his photo with his new pumpkin.

I used them here for this challenge class for the UKS Cybercrop.

Quite quickly I could see that we would need another pumpkin. I could tell this because I found him in the utility room with his pumpkin and a screwdriver somehow managing to make a hole and extracting the seeds which he then insisted on planting in the garden. We explained the pumpkin growing cycle to him and he has agreed to hold off for a bit.
So I bought him another and it has been hidden in the shed.
The dressing up bag has been raided.
The lounge has been decorated.

Cobwebs have been strewn from the light fitting and spiders attached.

...and scary movies acted out.

I used these photos for a challenge class from the cybercrop at UKS.

Finally, I made him a wreath to add to his decorations which was from a challenge on UKS.

I would like to say a big thank you to my teamie Maria who sent me these halloween papers from Fancy Pants last year, they are gorgeous and I have so enjoyed using them.

So I think we are good to go now. I am off to find the haribos.


  1. Looks like Ali is still really into the Halloween thing! Lovely LO's (as per usual!) The wreath is awesome dude!

    Happy Halloween xx

  2. That wreath is amazing - I love it!!! x x x Fab pics of Ali x x x

  3. Wow Jen what can I say? Stunning wreath, stunning scrapping and gorgeous Ali to boot! Happy Halloween.
    Sue xx

  4. Aww I'm glad Ali is still loving Halloween, long may it continue:D Your pages are amazing but the wreath is outstanding.

  5. Hooray for reasons to take photos - The Boy is very uncomfortable in front of the camera now (at nearly 13) so I have far more pics of The Tomboy than of him....

    That wreath is stunning :)

  6. You have really captured the excitement with this lovely post - I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope a great evening is had by all. Happy Halloween to you too

  7. Absolutely love your Wreath.Jen its stunning and wow to the colours of those papers, hope you and the bits have a fab Halloween

  8. Oh my goodness, what a hive of creativity, Jen - that wreath is stunning, and I love your first page in particular. The photos of him as lovely - he is really very photogenic!

  9. Wow! I LOVE that wreath! The colours are wonderful, how lovely to have something a little different but still on theme.


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