Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10 Things on the 10th.

Shimelle hosts a blog link with our top tens, bottom tens, whatever 10 things strikes us. I haven't joined in since I was posting my 10 things I was looking forward to in the summer. So now, 10 things that I am looking forward to in this new season.

1. Candle Light, Lamp Light.

I honestly cannot decide whether I like the clocks going back or forward most, I truly love both and I am so fortunate that I live in such a seasonal country, indeed, how could I love the Spring so much without the depths of Winter to come from? I don't need to choose, I have both.
So as I go about like Wee Willie Winkie, lamp-lighting all over the house (indulging the electricity bill), I feel my cosy inner-light going on as well. I want stew, thick socks and warm drinks.  

This is the illustration I remember from my childhood, so lovely to see it.

2. Autumn Clothes.

It doesn't really matter what is in fashion; boots, skirts, cardigans are pretty much ok any year I think. The fact that I am a little on the large side *snort* also means that I welcome layers and covers wholeheartedly. No more sartorial school run dramas.....cardigan, hat, boots, mascara (maybe). Simple.

3. Cybercrop on UKS.

I am indebted to the UKS Monopoly CC as it was the one that got me out from lurking, joining in and then trying to find a team and finding not only some scrapping inspiration but some very best friends in that team, The Bijoux Belles :)
I am a Detective and looking forward to it.

4. Halloween.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble and all that....The pumpkin came home yesterday and my young man was taken with it, he even wanted his photo taken with it....and he never, ever, ever, ever, ever wants me to take his photo.

5. Being part-time.

I know I have banged/harped/bored on about this, but the difference it has made to me is immense and I am so looking forward to trying to make it work for us all. I have been focusing the extra time on the kids to start with, but I am also determined to take the time for me as well, running, swimming, crafting, blogging, setting up a crop etc etc.

6. Swimming.

I am looking forward to it, pity the poor unfortunates that happen to go at the same time as me. Not only am I not swimsuit ready, I have bought prescription goggles. Really. Now I have a question, do I carry the goggles nonchalantly as I attempt to get from the dressing room to the pool without being able to see or should I put them on and just walk out with them on. Please do leave me your answer...

7. Theatre visits.

Ali and I are off to the Welsh Ballet's interpretation of Roald Dahl's Red Riding Hood. Alex and I still screech with laughter at that one and as a dance, I think we will love it.
You can see a bit more about it here.
Louis and I are off to a performance of Michael Morpurgo's Farm Boy. We haven't read it yet, so must do that, or should we?
You can see a bit more about it here.
I found out just yesterday, as my mum is researching the family tree, that Michael Morpurgo's father-in-law was Sir Allen Lane the founder of Penguin Books, who we also found out is my first cousin three times (I think three times) removed. I am very excited by that news :)

8. New Class & JYC from Shimelle.

I have just enjoyed doing LSNED and I love classes, especially Shimelle's so this is looking good to me on the horizon. I am really looking forward to being part-time to really soak up the season this year and not be in such a mad rush the whole time...and exhausted by Christmas Eve.

9. Handmade Holiday & Economising.

Again with the part-time! But I would like to make a lot of the gifts and cards this year and also have already enjoyed paring down the material things that I buy, with little thought, to things I really need. It has already made me a lot less wasteful. Erm, I might have stocked up on the paper lines that I want before the salary dropped. Priorities ladies, priorities.

10. Lighting The Lights.

My favourite event of the year in our town, we are a large coastal town, but small enough that you know so many faces and it feels as though the whole town turfs out to watch all the children from all the schools parade through the high street with their lanterns and then the lights turned on with fireworks. A lovely start to the Christmas season.

Now I won't mention Christmas again until November.


  1. Oooh Jen that's super, what a lovely read thanks for sharing.

  2. Jen you do write so beautifully. I loved this post, and I so agree with your number 1, as well as being transported nostalgically back to childhood with the nursery rhyme illustration.... we must have had the same book, Ive pinned it - hope you dont mind. Im now craving warm socks, apple crumble and bonfires (but its still 24 degrees here so will have to wait a bit)

  3. Lovely blog post - I feel like I've been listening to your thoughts!

    No.6 - I would wear them from dressing room to pool, wouldn't want you bumping in to anyone or mis-judging how near the pool actually is :o ;)

    Lovely pumpkin btw! xxx

  4. Love the Hugh Grant pic! :) And that's very exciting family history news, wow...

  5. Wow! Lovely words, all of them! And I also remember that picture, maybe there were less books way back when!.. or maybe my big kids had them, not sure about the eras here, they all run into one another!
    PS I just saw the other side of the statue...mmm, shame her face is skeletal as well...

  6. I remember that illustration too - how lovely it is to see it again!

    This is a brilliant idea for a ten. It's uplifting and thoughtful and has inspired me to start thinking of a similar list of my own :)

  7. Stew, thick socks and warm drinks - oh! yes! how wonderful. I so love your way of opening your arms and embracing your reader into your world! Fab, fab, fab xxx

  8. I'm looking forward to the new class too, even though I won't have time to do it! My hubs bought a pair of those goggles just last week and he wore them from the changing room into the pool as otherwise he wouldn't have made it!

  9. How exciting to find out about your family links! And yes to wearing the googles from the changing room to the poolside - at least have them on top of the head ready to lower in position if necessary. I've loved your 'looking forward' to post.

  10. wear the googles :)
    lovely post and photos

  11. Jen, there was a very similar picture in the room where I slep at my grandparents. It migh teven be the same one. o)
    Sue xx

  12. Oh and definitely wear the goggles. LOL

  13. Oh you've given me a big smile to go to bed with, Jen! I have a wonderful image of you wearing goggles like those in the photo.
    I loved your 10 things. I also love the seasons, miss Spring and Summer (we did have that, didn't we?!) but the lovely sight and smell of my log fire is something I look forward to. Even the dark mornings make the smile - the stars were so bright when I went to work this week. It really cheered my journey. Yes, lots of lovely things in your list, Jen.
    ps. your goggles are not like those are they?! lol

  14. I think you walk out loud and proud in your goggles!

  15. I think the goggles are a positive must ha ha
    I know what you mean by camera shy kids My son is now 24 and he went from being a real poser always having his photo taken then suddenly aged 14 it came to an abrupt end He saw a camera and he'd run miles. worse still was if you ever managed to catch him on film he was pulling stupid faces. When I think back though I was he same and still avoid having pics of me taken I'm sure its and age thing..........that and vanity ha ha
    Loved your list too it seems to me lists are getting very trendy at the moment, my niece was making lists about the benefits of being single again and some one else was making lists about the advantages of moving house despite not wanting to. I'm a great list writer sadly they are usually the ones that involve all the jobs I've got to do. ha ha

    love the blog by the way

  16. I love this ten things. I also like lighting the lamps in the evening. So cosy!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)