Friday, 14 December 2012

Hello, hello, hello...

...and a very merry christmas to you all. 

I was so well intentioned that I would be all bloggy, project lifeyinstagrammey and crafty and I am happy that I have been doing all of it apart from the bloggy bit so I thought I would do a bit of catchy-uppy.

I love being so busy doing Christmassy stuff, usually it feels a bit of a chore after long working days so my manifesto this year (as I am part-time, discussed so many times ;) ) was to make it handmade, to dial it back to having a nice peaceful time and to record it in some fashion. I am so happy that I have. 

I have loved the JYC prompts, it has really helped 'frame' it all, thanks Shimelle. I have loved sharing photos through #JYC2012 on Instagram. 
I have loved baking new recipes, hello orange curd infused christmas brioche. 

I have loved making advent boxes filled with sweets and nuts.

I have loved making snowflakes and other decorations to hang in the window, on the tree and attach to cards as a gift.

I have loved hanging out with my dookie boys, watching movies and cuddling.

I have loved dressing up and serving my colleagues a lovely christmas dinner and then partying with them (although the Jaeger Bombs? Not so much.)

I have loved the little moments, Mr or Mrs Robin visiting us every day and getting braver, (hoping, they will sing soon too),

Cradling a Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate whilst waiting in the cold.

Helping Mum make the christmas wreath (similar to the one I made for Halloween here from a UKS challenge) and seeing her pleasure that she made it.

Trimming the tree, they are all laughing at me here as I am generally happy with the colour, lights and adornments, but not the size of it. They have all agreed that in addition to the Christmas gift fund, we will have a christmas tree fund to get me a replacement tree for the one I lost two years ago *sigh*. This little creature Minty mainly responsible for it's demise due to her running through the tree to get to her windowsill.

New decorations this year, green glitter baubles and some Dorset Button style ones that are a lovely blog prize I won on Sue's blog for one of Creative Craft World's Christmas Countdown posts

I have loved the big things, seeing people, Chris & Tony (the two most nicest people on the planet) coming to visit for the day, my bestie Sue being near and able to go for the nicest lunch with, going to see a show with Louis, Farm Boy (there is still magic with an older child I am pleased to see), going to see a ballet, Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood (a first for me, mum and Ali), seeing Ali sing at the library christmas fayre

It's all been good, well except the day after (and the day after) the Jaeger Bombs.


  1. aww Jen..... Im envious, but glad at least someone is being able to enjoy it. It all sounds fab, the tree looks super as does all the other stuff you've made, and a I could almost taste the brioche. Well done for making it so special for your family.

  2. What a beautiful post Jen. A delight !!! What a marvelous Xmas Tree. I had plenty of things I wanted to do too like JYC but I didn't manage, but ... next year ! xxx

  3. Oh yes and the brioche !!!!!!

  4. Excellent post - congratulations!
    You're a great queen!
    Love your photos.
    I also really like your strong spirit for life!
    I did not always write a note - apologize for that.
    But I always look with interest your blog and very happy for you!
    Good luck!

  5. Love todays catch up! Love Jaeger bombs too! xx

  6. beautiful photos of craft and baking....sounds like a lovely time for you all.

  7. Love the tree. Can't wait until I can have one again. I can't at the mo, DestructoToddler would have it over in seconds. I suppose I'll be treeless next year too. :(

    I see we have the same Peace, Joy etc decorations. Mine are dangling off the shelves this year.

  8. It's lovely to read your happy and contented tone, and you have really achieved your aim! You wouldn't be able to give me a pointer to the recipe for that lovely looking brioche, would you? I love the face painting photo!

  9. That brioche looks delicious! I've been admiring your wreath on Shimelle's forum, it's gorgeous :)

  10. Aww, it all sounds so lovely Jen and you sound happy and relaxed:) for which I am very glad for you.

    You write so beautifully, it's always a pleasure to read your blog:)

  11. That wreath is stunning Jen (and mum) xxx
    Love your tree and the brioche! and I have just had a Costa BF hot choc :D

  12. Ahhh Jen I knew you had been busy but I am so glad it was doing all this festive stuff..sometimes even when work is busy it is good to be busy in the time off, especially when you can enjoy so many things..I have been cleaning up and April helping means we have done more than twice what I'd do alone. I am feeling the love this year too..and send you and your Mum some from the very SW xx

  13. ...and wow wow wow that tree, creaking under decoartions, it's fantastic..and the brioche xxxxmmmmm

  14. What a lovely time you've been having. Good for you. I've never had a jaegar bomb.

  15. Ditto the jaegar bomb:)

  16. What a really nice, cheery Christmassy post! I like this a lot.

  17. That's a lovely post with some great photos! Wonderful wreath too. Sending you many blessings!


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