Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lighting the Lights.

I am joining in with Sian's Storytelling Sunday and this is part of my Christmas journaling massively helped by Shimelle's JYC2012.

My favourite way to start off Christmas round our way. Lighting the lights in our town. Starting with a procession through the town of all the children and their (slightly giddy) parents carrying lanterns. Ali made his in class and brought it home all ready. Mum and I made our own.

The first drama was it slipping out of the string that they had tied it on with and smashing to smithereens on the pavement. Ali took it very well and fortunately he could carry one of ours.

Of course Santa came.

After we reached the War Memorial we had the countdown to switching on the lights, the lights came on and then a lovely fireworks display.

The second drama (and not nearly so bad) was recording the fireworks and being happy that this year I had my lovely phone that could do this and then realising I hadn't pressed play. There is a precedent for this when I failed to press record when Ali took his investiture into the Beavers, lesson not learned then.

Ali wanted to spend his pennies on this bonkers hat, that has mittens on the end of it's very long ears, which is pretty genius or pretty wierd; not sure which yet?

It was pretty nice that we didn't have the torrential rain of last year and was crispy and cold with a bright moon. A lovely natural light.

So the season started there really.


  1. Keep seeing those hats with mittens attached to the ears - obviously a fashion so he's right on trend.

    Sounds like a lovely way to start Advent (well except the two minor upsets) thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoy it all Jen and I am enjoying you enjoying it!, Come this way and thee is a host of lights at Mousehole and area if you want the tour.. i am free, all my crowd have heard my tour too often! Xx
    PS did manage STS at Sians after all xx

  3. Such a lovely post, Jen. And good boy Ali for managing a crisis so well. Fab photos.
    Sue xx

  4. I like the hat!

    Lights to light us all home - what a lovely way to tell your story this month Jen. I love it. Thank you - for this one and the others this year too. Much appreciated.

  5. LOL at the lesson not learnt ... I have totally failed to take my camera anywhere this December ... so my JYC isn't off to a very good start!
    Love the photo of Ali in the hat with the toy? lights reflecting on his face - festive, cosy and seasonal!

  6. A great story Jen and I love Ali's hat which he so deserved after being very brave when his lantern broke:)

  7. it all turned out well in the end, a lovely start to the festive season - digging the hat too!

  8. Oh! I love that hat :) Great story, as always, Jen. PMSL at the lesson learning - mine is taking the memory card out of the camera to upload the pix then going out to find I have not put one back - I have 5 of the damn things!!
    Well done Ali for being so grown up about the broken jar xxx

  9. Lovely photo of the young man in his ear-warming hat - and glad there was no rain. Sorry to hear about the camera disaster :(. Glad there were lots of different kinds of light(s) to make it a wonderful start to the season.


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