Saturday, 27 July 2013

I missed you! & Summer Bucket List #2: The Beach for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A Summer Bucket List Post

Most mornings over the last month I have thought; "When I get home tonight I will blog something from the Summer Bucket List". Then when I stagger in through the door to hug the kids or deal ineptly with whatever has been going on with them, I think how did I think I was going to write anything??!!

It has been an extremely rewarding month in the amount I have learned about my new job, the new format I am working in and the myriad 'things' that need to be done to get my new store opened on 28th August! And this is from someone that has been involved in opening 3 other stores. But this one is mine and I am coming from it in a different role, so while that experience has been INVALUABLE it is still consuming. So apologies for being away.

I hope you have been enjoying this summer weather, how glorious it is and how welcome after the never-ending winter and the facsimile summers we have had recently. It is not fun to work in the heat, I think I can speak for everyone there! But to be able to come home at whatever hour and eat dinner in the garden in peace and quiet (well as much as it is quiet with 10 children from our group of back gardens at some process of bath and bedtime going on through the open windows).

I think (*with fingers tightly crossed*) that I have finally recruited my team. I am absolutely blown away (as I am every time I recruit, I find it very, very hard to deselect anyone for interview and even harder after that to say no to anyone, so a massively emotional process for me.) by the new staff I have found. I am tempted to tell you all about them but they may find out and run away from me for being so weird (and sue me). I cannot wait to start working with them.

So I upped and tooken the weekend off.

My initial plan, which I knew deep in my heart was never gonna happen, was to sit in my garden with my summer bucket list scrap box and scrap my little heart out. However, my conscience told me that there was a big job to be done before that...the boys room, it needed gutting out ready for planned decoration in September/October and I knew this is the last realistic day I could get that done. Anyway, you DO NOT want to know any more about that job. Suffice to, no more to say on that actually.

So, next on the Summer Bucket List to tell you about? Well it was our beach day. I wanted us all to go on a beach day to Woolacombe; our local sandy beach, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hate to go to the beach for anything less. The kids get wet and sandy, everything gets wet and sandy and it all takes an age to sort out when we get home, so I don't want to do that for a mere jaunt. Also they charge anywhere between £5 and £10 for the parking so you need to get your money's worth, no? The main reason though? Once I am set up, I do not want to shift until I am at that stage of sun, where you are just starting to tingle.

 Louis and Alexander, see what I did there? Just reminded you that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, just named their baby son, (you know, the one who is going to be King and all), after my boys.

Do you think Prince George Alexander Louis will hang his tongue out when he is concentrating on the next kick? I should hope so.  
Mum had an awesome time relaxing and enjoying her book (although she may have been on Candy Crush, darn that round 29!)

 Lauren came, I hoped she would but wasn't sure. She had a nice time and was super happy I took this shot ;) She hadn't done her hair or anythink!
 Her maternal Nanny was in Devon too and brought her sisters down to the beach so we nabbed them all to extend the fun and give Lauren and her sisters Lily and Louann time to play.
Then we thought about heading down to the sea as the afternoon waned.
Lauren's boyf Adam came down after his driving lesson and it was nice to see them all together and for Adam to spend time with Lauren's sisters.
Alex wasn't convinced it was warm enough.
Nor were Adam and Lauren!
Louis and Alex gave it a go, but on the whole they decided it was too cold. Louis and I have wetsuits that fit so we went and put them on.
And we had a whale of a time!
We came out once we were exhausted from chasing waves and jogged up to our camp to get our sausages as we were having a sausage be met with a cold camp fire! The gas bottle was empty.
Well we had to get fish and chips on the way home didn't we.

I love my Studio Calico Atlantic Scrapping kit, I have had such fun with it. I added in to it the Two Peas In A Bucket digital kits and add ons. All the photos used Adrienne Loomis' photoshop action to process them. I also downloaded the cut files for star constellations which cut perfectly.
Thanks for stopping by. I do hope to post the next bucket list item soon: geocaching.


  1. War splendid photos of a great day out and you even managed o get them scrapped! Glad the store s such ac success ... That bottom page with the double photo s my favourite ...

  2. Thank sounds like a lovely day out for all of you.

  3. Missed you too, Jen. WB to blogland. What a super post and amazing photos. How like you is Lauren?!

    Sue x

  4. Love this blog post, I'm looking forward to being able to spend whole days on the beach when I don't have to be home for childminding children to go home. The beach there looks lovely, I've been there as a child but obviously that was many moons ago! I love the photos, Charlotte is equally impressed when I take photos like that. That was nice for Lauren to catch up with her sisters.

    Great Lo's that kit looks lush.

  5. Love reading your blog....fab day and fab Layouts! Lots of love to you and the boys x x x

  6. thank goodness you CAN relax!! Well done on your new store and look forward to more news about that next month xxx

  7. Oh Jen this is so brilliant. I love the way you blog and lots of nice memories and photos. Lauren looks like you, more and more. Im envious of the beach and all that, I love the layouts, especially the last one, but I dont know hoe you manage to juggle all the stuff in your life, I just dont. Well done anyway, and we all know the new store will be the best one in Devon.

  8. Lovely, lovely scrapping Jen, and it sounds a perfect day spent with your family.

  9. What lovely photos of your family day out. The weather certainly has been good for it.
    Good luck with your new job and store opening, how exciting. Hope you'll be happy there.
    A summer bucket list is a great idea. May have to write one of my own.

  10. Super photos and lovely to hear about your new store adventures. What a lovely way to enjoy the beach and great story telling xx

  11. Ahhh you have well made up for not daily chatting, lovely to have lots of detail on a special but kind of normal day.. I think that's what blogging and scrapbooking is so good for.. remembering the days which become more special through the preserving of the words and pictures xxx

  12. Love all your photos Jen. Keep blogging please, I love hearing all about you & your family. Love your LO's too :)

  13. Well done on having some fun eventually. Great photos ! Good luck for your new store. Very proud of you ! xxx

  14. I'm sorry but I did have a chuckle at your camp fire going out and having to have something else instead! We never seem to be able to get ours going on the beach. Loving your pages too!


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