Monday, 24 June 2013

Midsummer Day: Sunset 21:36

So in my previous post I showed my photos of sunrise this morning and now I can show you sunset this evening. It was amazing, it wasn't the best sunset I have ever seen but the sun was a ball of gold which is always amazing :)

Now, I am soo tired :) It was definitely worth it though.
I can't wait to scrap them.
I love Midsummer Day, I hope you had a good one.


  1. More fabulous pics Jen, the fourth one down is amazing.

    You are so lucky living by the sea:)

  2. What a wonderful idea, Jen. I love seasonal phases and celebrations - this one sadly passed me by but you have some wonderful photos here as a memory and for scrapping.

  3. Brilliant. Absolutely great photos. look forward to seeing them scrapped. xx

  4. More gorgeous photos Jen. This is something I think I must do next year :) xx

  5. What a treat you have offered us for the longest day! The colours are lovely ... I am wondering if you might think of doing the same on the shortest day?

  6. Super shots Jenny! Well done for doing both special parts of this very special day.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)