Saturday, 15 June 2013

Check in.

Hello, I'm checking in as I haven't been able to squeeze in a post this last fortnight. I have been out and about ticking items off the Summer Bucket List, details to follow tomorrow. I have been doing a bit more DIY around the house and preparing hard for a job interview. I am also having a problem with Blogger (I am assuming here) in that I can see all your blogs fine in bloglovin and on your sites but it will not let me comment. So apologies to all of you that I owe comments to, I am still reading and enjoying. Please let me know in the comments if you have had a similar problem and how you fixed it. It is driving me nuts! Thank you in advance.

Ok I will be back tomorrow, I will leave you with another of the photos from our recent outing. A blissful day.


  1. I'm tearing my hair out with all the Readers! I moved everything to Bloglovin and then it all seemed to disappear, so I did it again. I'm still using Google Reader while I can, but people's names keep disappearing and reappearing in my list in that too. Very frustrating

  2. Sometimes Bloglovin doesn't let me post comments but only on certain sites (Sue & Susi's blogs). I have to go directly to their blogs to leave comments, which defeats the object of using a reader. But at least I get a notification that there's a post!

    Lovely pics x

  3. Nice to hear from you Jen. Beautiful photos, xxx

  4. Lovely to here from you Jen. Your job interview sounds interesting.
    That looks like a great day.

  5. Good luck with the job interview Jen. No problems here with Blogger. A bit fearful of changing and am still with Google Reader at this time

  6. Just trying to catch up with lots of blogs now. There are lots of blogs that I can't comment on from within Bloglovin without going direct to their site and I also can't Pin using bloglovin so I am not happy with it at all.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)