Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Bucket List #1. Devon County Show

I have kept meaning to go to the Devon County Show, well at least since I moved back home to Devon 8 years ago. 

As a teenager? No, it was not something I would have wanted to do. I wanted out of the country and to get to a city and when I didn't want to study on a beautiful spring evening I made myself think about the city and how COOL it would be. It was COOL and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but when it was time to come back I started to think that the county show would be fun. Anyhoo, I never work out enough in advance to take the weekend off ( I work in retail and Saturdays are manic).
This time I really fancied it and knowing that I have a child young enough to still want to go made my mind up. I arranged with the school to take him out for the day (they are really good about this sort of thing knowing that a lot of parents work all the seasonal times as that is when it is busy).

 Ali loved seeing all the animals, but it was so interesting to see him be a bit wary, at his age I had lived on an island and then next to a farm so I was unafraid of animals and used to handling and being around them, It made me really happy that I had done this for him.
One of the first prize winners :)
A Goat in a (very fancy) Coat :)
I loved seeing the judges in bowler hats.
Camilla was there.
The dancing diggers were there, and who doesn't love dancing diggers?
Pocket money was spent on a new cuddly, a snake!

We went to the fun fair whilst Nanny went to the flower pavilion. "It went up and then it went down Nanny, it was awesome" :)
Ali was invited to sit on the paramedics motorbike, I think he seemed pretty happy with that :)

We saw the TV cameras, a juggler and the BMX stunt team.

After all the excitement we all needed to slow down and instead of going home we went down to the showground and spent 4 hours there just chilling and watching the amazing entertainment.

I know my friend Maria will enjoy these snaps.
Ali met some new friends and played for ages.
And we just chilled out so much after a hard and cold winter. Just lovely to be in the sunshine.

(Simple Stories Vintage Bliss papers. Minibook instructions from Sue) Thank you, Sue.
It was just blinkin' lovely and so gorgeous to be out of doors with my dookie :)
A great start to our Summer Bucket List. The point of which to me is to get outdoors with the family or to spend time with them that we might all have let slide.
I totally recommend attending your County Show. Devon is first, so there may still be time to go to yours.


  1. Awww...looks like a fun time was had by all. Such precious memories you are building there.
    Love the mini-book x

  2. What fab photos to remember a fab day. The mini book looks lovely.

  3. Just brilliant, Jen! You obviously had a wonderful day with your mum and Ali and your minibook is a fantastic record of your special time together. Love it. :o)
    Sue x

  4. What a lovely day you had and so lucky with the weather:) I'm glad Ali enjoyed it, he could so easily have been bored. You take such super photos and I'm glad you've recorded it all in your gorgeous mini book.

  5. What a fantastic record of your fab day :) I love Ali's face when he's on the motorbike. The mini book is gorgeous - love those papers! xx

  6. Loved reading about your day out Jenny. I used to go to the Essex Show every year, sadly the ground was sold off and it is no more. I have been to the Devon Show though... once many moons ago, while on holiday.
    I LOVE your mini album. Are the instructions available please?! That is SO me!!
    I wonder if the motorbike would count in Rinda's scavenger hunt if you are doing it? Enjoy lots more days out like this :)

  7. I have never seen dancing diggers! Oh my ... so many interesting thinga and great photos of them. Your minibook is very pretty, and I really like the fun, happy feel to it with lots of different LOs and page styles to admire. it's going to be great to look back on ..


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)