Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Summer Bucket List #4: Coast Path

Walking the South West Coast Path is something I am challenging myself to do. It is on my doorstep and unless I suddenly find myself with 6 weeks and nothing better to do it could take me the rest of my life to finish! It starts in Minehead in North Somerset and finishes in Poole in South Dorset. It takes in 630 miles of stunning coast. You can see more about it here.
The geotag on the map below is my house so you can see just how close we are. It also shows the whole route we took on this particular day over to The Blue Mushroom.
This is a close-up so you can see how it meanders back and forth up the cliff.
At the end of the houses we chose the Lime Kiln coast path to reach the main path.

The Lime Kiln

It was so refreshing to be out in the fresh air and see all the pretty cliff flowers.

Love this natural arch.

Mum enjoying the amazing views, the dogs wondering what I am doing.

There is the view she was looking at.

The sea mist kept rolling in and out.

The marker stone at the very top.

Love this shot of them from above.

A 360 view from the top, oh and how thirsty the dogs were.
The Blue Mushroom. From whence the cottage it stands by got it's name. Mum tells me that it is a stand for a house where cereal was milled or stored. They were kept off the ground to stop rats and these 'mushrooms' were what kept them off the ground. I think she must be telling me a tall story?

The Only Flat Point =)

Love that the cows are completely laying down.

I blew the photo out but loved seeing the bee on it.

Hello Ewe.

It was such an amazing walk and as a result I have been up there umpteen times at about 6am to give Minty an early walk and me some chill time (as well as some exercise!).

Walking the Coast Path for the Summer Bucket List = Done.


  1. What a super blog post, Jem. And no, your mum didn't make that up. Around here they are called staddle stones and they were definitely to keep rats out of the grain store.
    Sue x

  2. Noe,your Mum is right. My Auntie has them on her farm in the Cotswolds. Lovely picture and PL but where are you?

  3. Jen these are stunning photos, they really are - I especially love the boundy goat and the marker stone on top. I can confirm about the mushrooms too, my nan who lived in the fens had them near her. You write so beautifully that the reader feels like they are there with you (doing exercise vicariously!) and I loved that there is somewhere actually called Flat Point and I loved that you loved the cows 'properly' laying down. What a great time you had and what a great blog post.

  4. I could almost smell that fresh sea air doing me good by the end of this lovely post :)

  5. Such a lovely view & what a beautiful walk. The photos capture it so well & almost make me feel as if I've been there. That sheep is lovely. Glad you are enjoying the coast xx

  6. Just spectacular - I don't know whether I liked the sea views or your ram best! How wonderful to live so love to such a stunning coast ... I think your Mum may be right about the mushrooms - they certainly used to do this in several areas.


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