Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Bucket List #5: Evening Coastal Cruise

Onto #5 on the Summer Bucket List, to find out more about it please go here.

Last of the events to get done from the Summer Bucket List was an evening coastal cruise.

I live in a seaside tourist town and there are a few boats taking visitors out for trips in the day and evening including a speedboat, which now I know Ali doesn't get seasick will be our next trip, it looks like fun. However for this trip I wanted calm and relaxing as it was the last day off before I went into the new store opening.

The boats have been advertising that we might see Dave The Dolphin and I have to say I was quite excited at the prospect, I have never seen one in all my years living next to the sea (and some years working at sea). 
 It was raining but not particularly convincingly and the sky promised better.
 Ali was looking forward to it, a bit apprehensive though.
 A very high spring tide had disappeared the end of the pier landing.
 The view up towards north exmoor, misty and eerie.
 One for my friend Linds, our local girls rowing in the gig. (Her daughter is a rower).
 Smugglers Caves at Watermouth Cove.

After my cynical mind had given up on the promised Dave The Dolphin as a marketing ploy; there he was. 
We spent 45 minutes in Combe Martin bay as he performed for us. The Captain says he (or she, they don't know) has been around about 3 months.
 It is pretty hard to photograph a dolphin =)
 One for another friend Sue, Sandy Cove hotel where she stayed a while ago and on the right hand side is Damien Hirst's house, well one of them lol
I gave up trying to photograph Dave and shot some footage of him instead, then I tried to capture how lumpy the trip home was, it was fantastic, we went into quite a swell and it was a bit like being on a roller coaster, but with less seatbelt =) It was then so nice coming into harbour with the lights all on. 
Dave The Dolphin from Jennie Hart on Vimeo.
Magic, will definitely do that again in the summer next year.
Well, as a family we have ticked off some of the smaller items from the Bucket List as well as the ones I have blogged about. The bigger ones I wish we had got to was the midnight picnic and stargazing on exmoor and the daytime picnic up there too. Never mind, they will be first next year.
I so enjoyed this and it definitely made me think about the things we wanted to do as a family and actually get out there!
Hence I am just about to write my Autumn Bucket List and do the same for this season.


  1. I love your bucket lists Jen, and I love the way you make it all seem so much fun. I loved your photos of the dolphin, you can clearly see he was there and that will have to do me as I dont think my stomach would be up to suhc a trip. Im looking forward to seeing the next list.

  2. Lovely blog posts Jen - it's great reading & seeing what you've been up to :) x

  3. Love your blog posts Jen - Fan pics hun x x x

  4. Oooh anther fab post, Jen, and a photo just for me! I think I need to suggest to Michael we should stay there again. It would be lovely to see you (and Dave of course).
    Sue xx

  5. Great post Jen, what fantastic photos. Thanks for the pic of the rowers. Amazing to see a Dolphin. What a great trip & well done on doing so much of your bucket list.

    I'm definitely going to try an Autumn one, I think it will be a good way of the kids & I still doing things together on my days off what with my job change.

    Thanks for the inspiration xx

  6. Forgot to add, great video. The town looks so pretty as you come back in & all the lights are on. I log that song. xx

  7. What a lovely piece of video - coming back into the harbour with all the lights on was also a visual delight. It sounds as if Dave is on his own? An autumn bucket list sounds like a great idea - I might adopt this! Hoping the business is going well?

  8. Love the idea of a bucket list- great post

  9. Aww fab pics and video, Jen. Love the lights, it was all so clear, well done you:)

  10. Love the tail shot! You lucky thing.


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