Wednesday, 29 April 2015

There and Back Again...

Hello, long time no see. I recovered from my concussion, finally, towards the end of March, helped, no doubt, by a lovely retreat with my friends. I was then distracted by a big project at work but I have now been scrapping like a dervish and have some layouts to show you.
There and Back Again...I have a couple of stories about the journey There and Back Again to and from the retreat.
So on the way There I was taking things easy due to my head pounding (as was usual at that point), I stopped and had a bit of a shop (and then a car nap ;-)) at Cribbs Causeway at Bristol. I thought I would then get to Olney about tea-time but I hadn't planned on taking an hour extra on the M4 due to some poor soul having to be airlifted after an accident. Fortunately for me I was on the other side of the motorway and we were only held up an hour but for the poor people on the other side they were stuck for hours and hours. I hope they were all ok as well.
Anyway, I was amazed to see that so many people got out and crossed the motorway to see and take photos!
Less ghoulishly, I took the opportunity to take a selfie, mainly because I had bothered to brush my hair and wear something other than a tee shirt.

As part of my scrapping of the retreat I scrapped it for a challenge on UKS to scrap a selfie, use stash you have had a while (the wood veneer is one of the oldest, I don't keep much stash anymore) and to use an interactive element, hidden journaling behind the journaling card.
Then coming Back Again it was the morning of the Solar Eclipse. So I stopped at Teddington Services and this was the best shot I could manage.
Somehow I managed to get mixed up and printed the wrong photo so I scrapped this one instead. I used Sue's great sketch for April, thanks Sue.
I like how they will sit back to back in a 6x12 in amongst my project life and 12x12's telling part of the story, there and back again.


  1. It's so good to see a post from you pop up in my Reader! And also very good to hear that you are recovering well.

    I like the 6x12 size to record the eclipse. I was in Sainsburys carpark at the time and no one else even seemed to notice. I was the only one taking a picture

  2. Nice to have you back in blog land Jen :D Two super pages - I'm a big fan of 6" x 12" pages although most of the time I forget to do them.
    I'm glad you're feeling better now and that in some small way, the retreaters helped in your recovery.

  3. Lovely to have you bakc bloggin Jen, and yes, what a super photo of you *(even the half we can see). Im glad the retreat helped but even gladder you are over it now. Lovely scrapping

  4. Glad you're on the mend! Great idea to scrap like the dimensions.

  5. Wow! Another fab fab blog page Jen with some stunning scrapping, too. Of course I love the one for my blog challenge best. ;) Thank you for joining in.
    Sue x

  6. Glad you're feeling better. Love the 6 x 12 pages, I really must try some of these.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)