Monday, 18 April 2011

Life is mostly froth and bubbles.


We all lost half an hour in the sun today blowing bubbles. Life is mostly froth and bubbles seems like a good phrase today;

April Froth & Bubbles

I advised Alex to blow more softly and steadily and he listened!

That was the bubbles, the rest of the froth was in a lovely trip up to Exmoor with Mum, Dad, Louis, Alex, Fudge & Minty. Dad felt a lot better and was really chirpy today. The doc got the pain under control yesterday; he had 9 hours sleep and was able to eat his weetabix this morning so he was good to go for a trip out!


The wildlife of exmoor….


The hazy view of Porlock…..


Watering Minty…


All of them under coercion…


I really told the dogs off for not looking at the camera, but they didn’t listen, as you can see!

Alex and I also went to see Rio at the cinema, you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t take the camera.

I also made cakes.


The poor chick didn’t know the cake I sat him on was burnt-ish,

he looks so proud I couldn’t bring myself to.



  1. What a great layout and those photos turned out wonderful; it's so hard to get good photos of the bubbles sometimes! Looks like a beautiful fun day.

  2. I love your LO of the bubble blowing! Excellent photos. Very inspirational.

    And thank you for commenting on my blog. So very sweet of you!

  3. Love the LO and love the photos taken today - such a cute cupcake!!

    Love Sarah x x x

  4. Oh Jen, you've done so well here - all the photos are fab too, I especially like the one of the boys running along like that - I hope you are going to scrap that too. The bubbles layout is fab and so is your journalling. It looks a great day.

  5. A simply stunning LO, Jen and those photos are fab. Your blog is absolutely my favourite to read.
    Sue x

  6. That group shot is brilliant! :)

    Now I want cupcakes with chickens on. Must find those chickens.

  7. What a great way to lose half an hour! And what a lovely layout :-)

    The chickie does indeed look proud... lol!

  8. love how different the country side is to the surrounds where I live :)

  9. great photos, love the boys running and your proud chick :)

  10. Ahhh, that little chickie is SOOO cute! Love him! Also love the layout! It's beautiful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and saying hello. Lovely to meet you...

  11. LOL! He does look proud! Maybe he should make a few more blog appearances before Easter?!

  12. Hi Jennie. I followed your link from the BB4S class. I was really drawn in by your opening sentence (We all lost half an hour in the sun today blowing bubbles.) What a great way to start a post. I personally love the mixture of a scrapbook layout and some amazing photos!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)