Sunday, 17 April 2011

Steamer Day

When we lived on Lundy steamer day meant harder work for everyone, it was three times a week through the season and approximately 700 visitors would step ashore. First, they had to get off the steamer usually the MS Balmoral and step onto one of the launches. I can still remember the excitement of stepping out of the big ship into the little boat bobbing next to it; as this was how as islanders, we travelled to the mainland too.

There were 3 launches and Dad manned one of them (after helping bake the bread in the morning!)

Mum on Launch (1280x906)

The launch scrunching onto the beach and that is Mum in the technicolour poncho, it was brown, orange and yellow mmmmmmm. There was a landing bay so visitors didn’t have to get their feet wet but in the winter months it was sometimes safer to just get your feet wet!

Dad 001

I love this photo of him smiling, this was the east side of Lundy where it was sheltered from the prevailing weather and so of course where the landing beach was.


I have used April 2nd Scrap Map from Sarah over at Creative Craft World and also co-incidentally the colour palette from UKS The Scrap Factor contest. It was a bit wierd as I had just bought ‘aged mahogany’ distress ink and golden mint cosmic shimmer mist which I wanted to use and when I tested them I was surprised at how nicely they went together. The pp is Tim Holtz and I have also used his cogs sizzix alterations die and texture fades.

Off to the next project now…with more than a hint of saltwater in my senses.


  1. Love this LO - I love eveything about it - fab photo of your Dad - love the cogs and the embossing. Don't you look like your Mum!!!

    Hugs Sarah x x x

  2. gosh Jen YOU should be a writer, it is what you write on this blog that makes it so compelling. That said, I love the layout and I thought that was you in the boat at first - gosh you are the spit of your mum! Your dad looks lovely and happy and smiley too - I guess its why you are like you are (lovely). Well done, this is superb.

  3. Oh, where has my post gone? Jen, I love your story telling and I hope you've written all this on the back of your page so that one day your children can read all about it.

    You do look so like your Mum, and I love that she's wearing a poncho - never had one but I remember them!! Your Dad looks so happy. Such a super layout.

  4. Such a lovely idea to post the photos as well as the layout. Often think that a lot of the story is lost on a blog when the photo on the layout can't be seen properly. I may have to copy your idea in the future.

    You do look like your mum, but I can see your Dad in you too.

  5. Wow! A fab page, a fab post and how like your mum are you? Loving your blog, Jen.
    Sue x

  6. What a beautiful LO! I love the aged mahogany distress ink, too. I'll have to pick up some of the golden mint cosmic shimmer mist.

    I'm loving your blog. It is inspiring, and really makes me miss the ocean. The closest to me, here in Iowa, USA, is about 1,500 miles, or 24 hours of driving straight through.

    Can't wait to read more posts!

  7. You lived on Lundy?! Wow, what an amazing place to be! :-) I love your layout, it's a great photo to start with and you've showcased it beautifully xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)