Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My ordinary day…so, so ordinary.

There is no way to soften this up for you or for me, the following all takes place in one ordinary day for me.

Day in photo coffee 

So far so good…..I guess a lot of us start out with this or it’s equivalent.

Day in photo thread chat

A chance to catch up with the chat on my social group and some blogs on the reader whilst I add the slap to the face and sip the coffee. I guess a lot of us in this crafting world can relate to this too.

I leave at 7-7:15 so I don’t get to see the kids before I go on work days.

Day in photo commute

My commute view, now you’ll be glad to know I don’t get out and enjoy the view everyday. However, to record my day or if there is some great weather I will take the camera along for a jaunt.

As you look at the photo I travel out of the left of the photo down through the valley to the bridge and along the other side of the estuary to my work. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.

Now an exciting photo coming up here, brace yourselves.

Day in photo red light

The red lights make my skin itch, unless I need a drink of water and I have a screw cap instead of a sports cap, then it’s ok, skin doesn’t itch…..moving on.

This one’s gonna flay you.

day in photo arriving at work

I told you, just flayed.

I actually do really enjoy my job and I know it has to be done as X-box cost the earth. Stash doesn’t though, just X-box, bad Xbox

Now, try to contain yourself, it’s my desk.

day in photo office

Well we don’t really have desks or offices in the traditional sense at Tesco, just somewhere to rest our hats if we need to do some project work. I have a project this weekend, hence the, um, project work. I know, my files and stuff are so glamorous.

Enough of that, imagine it all in reverse and I’m home again.

day in photo dinner

As you can see I literally flung this in the pan and cooked it and then flung it in the dish and ate it. I can see now that dragging myself outside to get some basil would have improved the look of this and  the flavour.

day in photo bedtime

My favourite mug called RSM with hot chocolate in it and my sleep time.

What happened in between the dinner and bedtime?

Well, small child tantrum, wowsers, I haven’t seen that for a long time, he is 6! Well it wasn’t pretty and he took some taking down.

It didn’t seem appropriate to take his photo Rolling on the floor laughing

We did then apply for tickets for the olympics, we could only afford one set for the family so I hope we get them!

As you can see, I know how to live it up.


  1. I like the detail but as well I liked the post without words as then as an observer you make up your own story. In visiting the blogs I did like the posts that had just a few words per or on each photo and I think I would do it this way if I were to do it again. Hope this helps :0)

  2. Since you asked...I liked this post...but when I went back and looked at the previous post, without the extra writing, I think I liked that one more. It just seemed to flow better for some reason. I find that really odd as I'm a "word" person and love all the extra details. How fun to find something new about myself. :)

    Oh, and may be shocking, but I totally would've taken a shot of the temper tantrum!

  3. well I have just found this Jen and really like it, it gives a great insight into your day. I liked it better with the writing (of course). You make it all seem so interesting with that.

  4. I have compared both posts - and I think that I prefer it without the words - though that surprised me as I adore words! I like both posts though. :)J x

  5. Nice job with the pictures of your day! The last one looks very relaxing!

  6. Surprisingly, I preferred the post with just the text on the pics( I say surprisingly, because I'm a word person too!)I think if the originals HADN'T had the text, I might have preferred the second one
    Alison xx

  7. Seems we are surprising ourselves lol I too prefer without the words. I had a very hard time with this assignment even though on occasion I just post photos with no text. I think what bothered me was that I had things I wanted to share with readers about specific pictures...and they were asking some of those questions in their comments. I did a new post with just those pics and gave my explanations. So I think I'll continue to do both, just whatever fits the picture :)

  8. Yes, with writing, I like your sense of humour:D


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)