Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Obsessed by Halloween

I mean properly obsessed, not just a passing fancy, but really over the top obsessed by Halloween.

Ali turned 7 a few weeks ago and I have seized the zeitgeist of him right now and his obsession and fed it zealously. I suspect this will be the year, the year, the last year I have a child that believes in Father Christmas.

So I have indulged the halloween obsession and will fuel the christmas obsession as well. It might be the last as a Mummy.

It all started 3 weeks ago when Ali started asking ‘how many days?’

He then had a list of things he needed and wanted. He counted up and portioned out his money (and mine). When we could afford things and which days I should buy them.

Monday 24th October

Uncle Rich took him out for breakfast and bought him a cuddly pumpkin that sings a song and flips its lid up and down. A thing of beauty.

Tuesday 25th October

I bought home the biggest pumpkin I could find. He hugged it. The pumpkin has had more cuddles than I have.


Wednesday 26th October

Ali wears Bat wings all day and sleeps in them. The cuddly bat he had years ago has been washed and was clutched in his hand all day and night.

Thursday 27th October

I take Ali out on errands and treat him to a cuddly witches familiar (complete with a purple cape and hat) which has a song and rolls over when you squeeze it’s paw. It is literally the best ‘thing’ I think I have ever seen.

Crazy Halloween Cat

We made gingerbread men.



The Cat had his tongue out Nyah-Nyah



Friday 28th October

I am dressing up as a witch (naa I didn’t fight it Smile)

and Ali was brilliant, he made sure I had a wand, he got me a stick from the garden and put foil on the end, he got me a light-up fibre-tipped wand from last year, made sure I had my hat and cape and also that my face was painted. Most sweet thing, he came to me quite formally with aforementioned crazy cat and offered her to me and said, “I don’t want to let her go but would you like to borrow her to take to tesco”. My heart melted as sharing isn’t Ali’s forte. I was gracious in my hunger to take her with me and she was an absolute hit at work.

IMG_1357 (2)

Me with the green face (and The Cat under my arm).


Lovely Ellen that had gone to so much trouble to order these scary contacts from the internet. Not sure that she should have been serving customers really, but they seemed to like it Smile


The dress-up winner, “Cereal Killer” I’ve given Matt an extra day holiday as a prize Star


The Cat having a rest in the pumpkin patch!


The Cat having his dinner! I knew Ali would worry Smile

Ali-Bat as my friends nick-named him became Ali-Skelli as the dress-up box came out and he was through it like the wind Smile

Saturday 29th October

Ali-Skelli became Ali-Ghost. Mummy Witch became Mummy Pumpkin. Complete with Orange Peel Stickles all over face Smile


Sunday 30th October

Ali-Donkey, (see previous post)


Dressed-up as Donkey from Scared Shrek-less. Pumpkin carving and hugging.





I got home late Sad smile, we went trick-or-treating but it was after the littlies, ended up out with the teens (many, many doors shut and windows suspiciously dark Sad smile) It rained halfway round, not October spooky drizzle, but full-on November rain. We were drenched by the time we got home.

Many thanks to the lovely ladies who did answer the door and humour my little Ali (including a lady who had gone so far as to paint her pumpkins and squashes white with black paint)

Hot Choc for me and warm milk for Ali…well, I like to think of him having a warm drink but really he doesn’t like it so it was cold, but still, a better image for you to think i’d warmed it for him. I would have, honest injun.

The run-up was better than the event. Isn’t that a metaphor or a simile or something, for life?


  1. Ooh Jen, I felt as if I'd been there with you, that was so lovely to read, thanks for sharing.

  2. Ali has the best Mummy in the world and Ali is just adorable:)

  3. How wonderful of you to give him his head with it all! I am sure his generous offer to share his moggy was a result of your supportive way with him. :) You have a whole min-book or a couple of LOs just right here - cut and paste your blogging journalling, get out the glue, and you're done.

  4. Just fantastic - love all those photos - it's a great story :)

  5. What a fab way you have with words, Jen. I loved reading this and Ali is scrumptious.
    Sue x

  6. I just loved reading this. Your 'cereal killer' was a worthy winner - brill! lol! I bet your customers had such a laugh.
    Little Ali is scrapbook heaven - you have trained him well :D Great writing...keep 'em coming xx

  7. I adore Halloween and I can't wait to introduce it to Adam!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)