Sunday, 30 October 2011

I’m a Mummy on the Edge……


Ali is obsessed with Halloween (more of that after it is all over).

I have encouraged this, I have to admit, as his excitement has been something to behold.

Yesterday I bought home a Donkey (from Shrek) dress-up kit for him. He has channelled Donkey all day……walking around on all fours, neighing and spouting catchphrases from the films.


One of our favourites is ‘I’m a Donkey on the edge’.

This made the title of the layout come together easily Smile


I have mixed a hodgepodge of the ideas from the last few Pretty Paper Party prompts, a sketch from the first few days, monochromatic with kraft, my favourite colour, turquoise/blue and using inspiration from other crafts, patchwork quilting was the example Shimelle used and I went with the log cabin pattern. I love the block of it. I wish I could sew, or even use a sewing machine.

After all the back-to-school shenanigans that have gone on here today, I am the Mummy on the Edge. Time for Downton Abbey and some peace and quiet.


Ali-Donkey is snoring in his stable.


  1. love it!!!! what a cool Donkey x x x

  2. Such fab photos:) I love your page too. I thought you'd just bought a sewing machine? Surely you can sew with it? Or is that a silly question?

  3. Oh how cute, he's super. Lovely LO Jen.

  4. Brilliant! Lovr your 'patchwork' too. Did you enjoy Downton Abbey?

  5. Channelling Donkey - I love it! I bet the world would be a better place if a few more of us channelled Donkey more often!

  6. Oh this is brilliant. I so love reading your stories - they just come to life! and that page is fab xx

  7. Great page...and love 'Donkey'
    Alison xx

  8. this is a great page! I love the photo, adorable! and the quilt square is really cool.

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Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)