Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Celestial Laura

Celestial adj: belonging or relating to heaven or supremely good.

She’s both. (She is Celestial Willow on UKS-fact fans)

She is the next Dr Who’s assistant or at least she should be – geeky sci-fi nerd that she is (and rightly proud of it).

Instead of doing that she has decided to marry the very lovely John and have the most gorgeous baby.

Dr Who’s loss.


The tea cakes were celestially good as well. This is Laura at the retreat in March when she was still cooking up the lovely Adam. I cannot quite fathom that he is 6 months old now and I haven’t been able to get to them for a cuddle with him. Trust me when I say that he is adorable.

So here is the layout. I had to go with colours from that lovely top and so that means some pretty papers.


 I used BG Sweet Threads. In the class we have been looking at pretty paper, what we like and how do we use it. This range of papers have been so good to me.

I love Basic Grey, they were one of my favourites and although I have ventured off into other ranges…I found this recently.

I ordered Sweet Threads thinking they were going to be one thing, they arrived and they weren’t and to be honest I wasn’t overwhelmed (you know like sometimes you can get when the pizza box arrives Smile).

It has been the most oft used though, 6 layouts so far. There were only 2 pages that I really had a problem cutting up, the rest were a breeze. That got me to thinking about the difference between pretty paper and useful paper. I do tend to buy a collection of useful and then a collection of pretty.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Celestial Laura. I am so happy and proud to call her my friend Smile


  1. beautifully done as usual Jen, and such a treat to read - lovely memories from the photo and yes that paper is lovely and pretty just like Laura's top.

  2. Awww that is just brilliant! Dawg will love it!
    Sue x

  3. A super page, such a lovely picture of Laura too. She will be thrilled. I hope you are going to bring these BB finished pages to the retreat?

  4. What a great page, and lovely photo and sentiment :)

  5. Paper envy going on here :lol it's sooo pretty and what a lovely page - that's a great photo of our Laura xx

  6. What a lovely layout! And what an interesting thought about the difference between 'useful' paper and 'pretty' paper, you've got me thinking, thank you :)

  7. Aw. Jen! Thank you so much for 'doing' me. It's gorgeous, and you've done me without any turquoise. ;)

    What about pretty useful papers?!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)