Monday, 17 October 2011

An unexpected day at the beach.


I was incredibly irritated at work on friday, frantically trying to make a dent in my workload when Mum rang.

“20 degrees and sunny tomorrow, beach?”

Just the thought of it chilled me out. At the beach I relax, I take deeper breaths and smile more.

The boys had to be tucked in quite early on saturday night Smile they ran and ran. They had a play fight for about an hour as well.

So satisfying watching children wear themselves out.








Then they bizarrely spent about 20 minutes running to and fro the stream with bags filled with water (who needs buckets? we forgot ‘em!) to try and make Minty a water bowl.


Don’t hold your breath Minty, and be very glad that they are not your sole carers.


Not their brightest moment… my mum taught me, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all….so moving on.


Ali carried on with scrabbling a diversion in the stream whilst Louis, well Louis had a rest.



Then down to the sea for a few waves. There was an amazing rip, as the smaller waves were peaking they were ripping along so fast your eye could only just keep up with it.


Beautifully busy…

The dark marks in the sand was a mussel bed, some with barnacles on them.


And the sparkly water that finally persuaded me to update my blog!

I love layout fodder Camera





  1. Oh Jen your blog posts are such a treat, it made me yearn for the beach and wanting to move to Devon. You take such brill photos and I loved the pic of Minty and the comment about being glad they werent her sole carers. You are brill and so is this.

  2. Superb photos Jen and brilliant story telling and I love your Mum's wise words!!

  3. Oh I lurrrrve the sparkly water - amazing photo. All of this made me smile, you make it come to life...and yes that is sooo funny about Minty's sole carers!! I bet she wouldn't change them for the world though :D

  4. I love the sea so much - it soothes my soul... Glad you go to enjoy its influence so thoroughly :)

  5. Looks like too much fun! Unfortunately, it will be months before I can get to the beach again, sigh.

  6. Those photos are amazing!My mum said that too...And as a fellow "Boy Mum" I LOVE watching kids tire themselves out (without tiring me out that is)!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)