Sunday, 22 January 2012

Henry Ville

I haven’t scrapped Louis so much lately.
Midsummer's Day 2010 104
He’s my firstborn and the sweetest darned thing. Apart from the x-box obsession and hot water revulsion that is. His interests in the x-box and playing with his friends in the park and going to the cinema mean that we don’t hang out like we did. That’s progress and whatnot, but sad for me as he is great company.
11 he is for a few more months and then he will be 12 and I guess after that he will be 13 and then all the rest. 
When I do snatch a few minutes, usually over dinner or homework I am amazed by his P.O.V. It generally is different to mine and none the worse for that but sometimes there is quite a pie-chart chunk where we collide. It is usually the sense of humour where we pick up on something that someone says, give each other a wink or a nudge or an expressive look. It takes me straight back to where we were when he was two/three and it was just us, we had a simpler and simple life then with no work, nursery, spare money or anything to get in the way of us taking the most out of each day. We had such a great relationship and spent all our time together (poor chap couldn’t get away!)
Anyway, I was watching him watching something and ruminating on it all and the nature of mummy/son relationships and feeling that rush of emotion that you sometimes (*sometimes*) get when considering your kids and I remembered a day when I just wanted to eat him. Right up, gobble gobble, gnaw and munch.
He was 7 or 8, not sure, wasn’t a scrapper then Smile
He had some work he was doing at school and I was going over it with him, fairly painful usually but something had caught his attention and I was keen to explore this and exploit it to keep it going, so I just encouraged him to keep talking. Well I was interested as well, as much in that he went to the same junior school as I did and the curriculum was the same. Not a bad thing as of course I am highly educated….
He said “there was this guy henry ville and he was something to do with a vicar or something happened at a church and it wasn’t good”
Mum looked at me bewildered, as I thought it through I said “Lou, where did you get henry ville from?”
“From this book mum, I think he was famous or somefink”
I knew, just knew as he turned it over that it was Henry VIII.
So when we see our far distant king anytime; henry ville he is and always shall be in our house.
Yeeesss I did go back and set him straight, nicely, mummily. The dear of him, he totally saw the funny side and was giggling himself.
‘Oh, i’m glad I didn’t say that in class Mummy.’
Love the bones of him.
I loved this AC paper and have been stroking it for a little while.
The story came to me this week and I wanted to use the great sketch from Creative Craft World
Jan scrap map
so this has all come together nicely this morning…I am really enjoying my scrapping and this has been lovely therapy, remembering and sticking.
Oh and the laptop is home and well.


  1. Jen I just love reading your stories and the one behind this amazing LO is delicious. Thank you for using my sketch and for joining in with us at Creative Craft World.
    Sue x

  2. Oh Jen that is sooooo lovely. The way you write about your feelings is so amazing and it brings back such lovely memories. I still remember wanting to gobble and munch on my 3!! Luckily not at the same time :D

  3. Love this LO - love the colours - beautiful LO - Love Sarah x x x

  4. This is, as always, wonderful. I love your work, your writing AND you. :)

    I could eat Adam with a spoon…


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)