Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Month In Numbers #1

Admire Julie Kirk I do…her blog has much to admire it has.
Too much Lego Star Wars playing with the boys and I channelling Yoda I think…
Nearly every month I have said that I will join in ‘next time’. Every time I am surprised that it is time and I have no numbers. I know that is silly, I must have hundreds……but none can come to mind.
Julie was fab enough to share a fab post in which she gave away the secrets to her success in recording the numbers. I also have started a different regime of scrapping this year in attempting project life. Another thing I have done which is the one thing I have absolutely sworn to, stuck to and am enjoying and seems to be the key is joining Suzie’s fab 366 photo a day challenge. Somewhere in the middle of all that has ended up me recording all the numbers I need to join in.
Amount of times I have participated in My Month In Numbers – 1
(In honour of finally joining in and to Julie) the amount of plundered pages I have been enjoying – 1
Now I have to say Julie has not paid me Nyah-Nyah nor does she know that I will say this but if you haven’t seen her plundered pages then please check out her Etsy shop. I sent my Mum a link in hope and I had the most fabulous Christmas present of a pack and I can’t wait to put it to scrapping this spring.
OK stalker-ish-ness over Smile
Amount of times I reached for my laptop whilst it was ‘away’ – 1,000,000
My laptop was broken by my son ‘exuberantly’ smacking the lid down twice. Now I have discussed this many times and it has been a definite theme of this month around here and I am not going to bore you guys with it…lest to say that it made life very difficult, what with all the challenges that needed an internet connection. I was without it for 2 weeks, longest ever 2 weeks. I will never let myself get in that situation again Smile
Amount of kilometres run – 15.15
I love running, I am built for comfort not for speed but many a person has been surprised by the fact that I can run, well jog! I was one of them this month, I did hardly any last year for one reason or another and I dreaded going out again but the muscle memory was there and although it protested the weight gain; it got on with it. I have set some strong goals to get me to The Great South Run at the end of October and I hope to be able to share those successes along the way. So far so good, My first challenge was to be able to do 4 km, I did 4.5 km on Friday Smile
Amount of hours watching the first video I ever made – 32
I got an iPhone from my lovely family for my birthday this month. They were so lovely (and clearly had had enough of me banging on about the photo a day challenge) to give it to me on New Year’s Day. I made a video of my colleagues at work for a project at work. It was such a performance to understand the software and make the movie that at the moment I am pretty glad it is over. I will be happy that I learned how to do it though. I saw that footage so much though.
Amount of points accrued on UKS by making scrapbook layouts et – 275
I am in a fab points collecting team on UKS and I clocked up a much better set of points this month.
Amount of money spent at the friendliest dentist in the world - £47
My dentist is something to be believed, lets just say that her bedside manner is not desirable and it was a test of will not to yell out, also I am not sure that an injection or indeed several injections should blind you. Just sayin’.
Amount of photos taken for Snap366-2012 – yep you guessed it, 31
Love this challenge, just love it. Suzie has administered it so well. Her blog is very well thought out.
Amount of times I said ‘please’ after my children have demanded something – 1,000,000
Amount of times I wondered when my children will ever be trained properly – 1,000,000
Amount of years I clocked up on my birthday – 38
So, that’s it. Much I have missed out, sure I am. Such as the lego bricks, many there were.


  1. Flattered and blushing I am [OK, so Yoda got me too!] Thanks for your very kind wods - I'm glad your hinting worked!

    I'm really glad you're taking part - it's a great collection of numbers!

    [Pinterest won't let me pin your post to the board as you've got no photos in it - which it uses to 'pin'. If you do get round to dropping one in, come and nudge me and I'll drop in again and pin you!]

    Thanks again.

    Jluie :-)

  2. Congratulations on your first month in numbers. I too drool over Julie's Etsy page. Hopefully you'll be able to join in again next month and add some pictures. That's how i remember my month by taking pictures then going thru them! X

  3. Great roundup of your month Jennie! Fabulous running!!

  4. You've clearly got January off to a flying start with all the running, and despite the damaging actions to your computer. Next month you will be able to have a 2 in there!

  5. It really is a pleasure to see so many bloggers joining Julie this month :) A very entertaining set of numbers there - a great read!

  6. This is soooo clever, Jen.
    Sue x


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