Saturday, 11 February 2012

Notes on Project Life - January

…so the main thing I learned was not to let your small child get so furious that he would take it out on your laptop. I guess you have heard enough about that and really I am over it Smile with tongue out

Project Life Title Page

Otherwise I learned that the 6x6 leftover pad I wanted to use wasn’t quite enough to last……I didn’t include enough ephemera, journaling etc so I needed more paper than I should have.

Project Life January Page Starter

What else? Well I didn’t actually take that many photos of the kids doing ordinary stuff. So I will address that for February.

Project Life Week One

I was also going to try and post every week with how it was going, I didn’t succeed at that over the month due to the laptop and then catch-up but I will try and do that as I think it is good to look back on what has gone well and what hasn’t weekly rather than monthly.

Project Life Week Two

One thing I do know though is that although I will change what I am doing slightly, tweak it, get quicker at it, collect things in a better way etc.

Project Life Week Three

I love it, just love it and have already found a great deal of pleasure in looking back at January.

Project Life Week Four

Project Life January Finish Page

Photo’s of the everyday, journaling the little things, all tied together with a bit of pretty paper. Scrapbooking in it’s most purest sense I think.


  1. Such a great definition of scrapbooking, Jen! And your pages bear witness to it - I am sure this will be wonderful to look back on ... Like your 'interviews'.

  2. This is really looking good - I need to get on and get mine sorted too.

  3. i am getting so many great ideas on this and keep changing my ideas. YOur pages are great

  4. Jen this is fab - love it :) *hugs* Sarah x x x

  5. Oh this is fab Jen. Imagine how it will look in 10 months time:D

  6. I really would like to do this one year. Yours is lovely.

  7. Love your pages and totally agree that as the months develop our pages will be tweeted and amended, but just think of all the fun and great memories we will have.

  8. I tried a monthly scrap challenge our scrap group did last year, only got to May.. I thought a lot about the rest but the layouts remain undone.. is it too late?! Liking Project Life, is it expensive to get started?


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)