Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Project Life & A Sad Tale

I have so enjoyed doing this project this week or so and finally put the first week together. Although it didn’t come out quite as polished as I imagined I am pleased and have learned a lot about how to tackle this week.




One thing I didn’t do was add ephemera, I will fix that this week.

The Sad Tale.

One broken laptop. I have tried to keep it in perspective, but really I am quite heartbroken.

So apologies if I don’t keep up with commenting on your blogs. I can’t use the phone as it doesn’t like the word verification. I will try but sorry in advance if I miss anyone.


  1. Jen this is great. Love Ali and his balconies, how many sons is he planning on having, did he say?? LOL

  2. I think this looks great - well done - once you get the bits and pieces added you will love it.

  3. Yikes, and so sorry to hear about the laptop that is no more. Arrrgh! Your pages are looking lovely - I like your handwriting. :)

  4. Looking fab Jen, so much nicer I think for bring a kit you have made yourself :)

  5. I think it looks fantastic! Sorry to hear about the laptop - I hope something can be done for it soon

  6. Bums to the broken lap top :-( I'm liking your first pages a lot. I'm doing a monthly thing as I'd never keep up with weekly. Hope you get another computer sorted soon xx

  7. Those pages are fab.
    RIP Jen's lappy.
    Sue x


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)