Friday, 25 January 2013

Beat The Christmas Rush.

Oh noooo don't run away...'s all fine, it's just being crafty and making lovely cards to give to nice people, it's using nice pretty paper and glue and maybe some stamping, maybe some washi-wonder-tape, maybe even doing some therapeutic colouring-in. 

...see, it's a great thing, it's just a little odd that they are christmas cards. 
You will likely fall into two categories. You have already made 5 or so cards and do so every year and are rolling your eyes at how late I am to the prepared-for-christmas-2013 party orrrr you feel that it is a touch too soon :D Well of course it is and it isn't, of course. 
The thing I find is that christmas scrapping/crafting should never be about christmas cards (unless it is your favourite discipline and then I am preaching to the converted), if you are like me then it is just a chore by November and my favourite scrappy folk get a card and anyone else I have energy for may get one, the rest I buy. So actually Beat The Christmas Rush makes perfecto sense.
Every month at Creative Craft World we will host the challenge to remind you and inspire you to do it, we are going to go for 5 a month and that will give me ummm a few and if you do 1 a month you will have 12, so that is a start. Ok, I just got my calculator and calendar out and of course it is 11 if you do 1 a month (Royal Mail have enough trouble without posting them on the 25th December to arrive the 25th December), but if you do 5, well that is 55 and that is near enough for me. As most of us find a design and make a few to 'factory-line' them out, 5 seems a good amount, before they get samey and our eyes drift towards something else we want to play with. Or is that just me?
So go on, dig back out your favourite christmas papers and make a few and then please show us that you joined in to Beat The Christmas Rush :)
In fact show us here. We would love to see them.

My cards are Papermania kraft and white blanks. Papers are MME All Is Bright and BG Jovial (favourite ever). Washi from MME All Is Bright. Stamp is unfortunately unknown and I used different ink and Perfect Pearls. 


  1. That's a touch too early for me, lol, but I recognized myself in the "I make as many as I can and the rest I buy", so I might try to join if I find some time. Mmmmmm... going to be tough to find time. May be I could try and sleep even less, lol. xxx

  2. Very nice I love that stamp. I got started late in 2012 but once I got into the swing I made a whole lot of cards for this year. I started and couldn't seem to stop until I packed up all my crafting for Christmas. I will still have some to make but not many they can be the special cards I make for family

  3. A post to make me smile! This is the first year I have even thought about beating the rush, but the challenge I have signed up for is spurring me on. This sounds like a great one to be involved in too, judging by the results!

  4. Love love love your cards, Jen, especially as you have demonstrated such a great use of Washi tape (of which I have FAR TOO MUCH).
    Sue x

  5. Lovely cards Jen. Have you stamped on textured card or is it the stamp? I love the effect however it is achieved.

  6. Well done on your start with 2013 cards, like your thinking...I have bought all mine already in Jan sales :)

  7. Lovely cards Jennie! I am liking the chevron washi tape....
    Trish x


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