Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow Happy.

Snow Happy is definitely how I felt stopping on the way to work and looking over the snowy fields towards Exmoor. Just stunning and the sun coming out was a bonus and made it light up magically.

Over at Lucky Snapping Lynne asked us whether we were ever just happy? I find I am, I would never say that I skip through life in a continual happy state but I am a firm believer in noticing things and taking pleasure in it and those little things make me happy, I would say I have happy moments every day.

Today, Mum and Ali and I walked down by the sea.
 Seeing Ali look around him at what is going on. Seeing Mum rattling along.
Ali taking photos on his DS of Fudge.
The council have cemented in some footprints with Ilfracombe, Curious Coastal Charm (our bonkers logo) on them. I am intrigued as to whether there is any particular purpose for them, I think they are directing people to the nature walks, but I would love it if there were lots to 'find'.

 A splash of colour.
Signs of Spring.
Home again.
Snuggle up in the warm.

As I say it's the little things isn't it?

As I say standing up overlooking North Devon to Exmoor was a happy moment, so I scrapped it.
I am using up as much stash as I can, I don't have very much but a bit and I am trying to use up what I have, especially if I can make room for new collections. I really, really, really, really want the MME Collectable line when it arrives here ;)


  1. True, it's the little things.. Love your little Ali, he is such a cutie and so photogenic! April got to grips with my scrap room the other day and was amazed at how much stuff I have..glad she is going to help me lessen it! Ahh the coast, always the coast for replenishment. .. Looks bracing there today though x

  2. I so agree, It is the little things. I love your photos of your day out and your scrapbook page especially the pink background.

  3. You have such gorgeous views to see when you go walking. I love your layout. And, I agree that it is the little things. I have found that they usually make me happier than other things that may be larger or materialistic.

  4. Such beautiful photos, Jen, and a super post as always. :o)
    Sue x

  5. Love the little things you found today and well done scrapping a LO for this week xxx I am going to have a day in tomorrow for lucky Snapping catch up:)

  6. Your photos bear witness to your ability to find and record the happy moments :). I am so cheered by the lack of snow in your pics (layout apart! which has its own beauty) and the feeling of Spring!

  7. What a stunning view you have for your walk - beautifully captured in that first photo

  8. love your LO . Great photos of a lovely walk.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)