Thursday, 17 January 2013

Project Life 2013

Well I didn't blog my project life last year after about week 40 but I did keep going with it and I was so chuffed to get to the end of a whole year. It is one of my most treasured possessions now because my memory is shocking and all the little bits and pieces are either now in my brain (due to repetition of seeing them) or, most likely, in the album. 

So onto 2013. I have changed things slightly to make it easier. I bought some Simple Stories sn@p collection back in November/December time ready to go. Although I will probably still do as much of my own thing as I can to use up scraps, I have something for the weeks I don't have time or energy. Last year I enjoyed having different looks but this year I am going to make things fairly similar. Easy with sn@p as there are so many colours and white and cream and kraft

Week 1 LHS Blurred to protect the innocent or insane.
I also am not corner rounding *gasp* there are a few project lifers out there that don't but not many. I am not trying to be different, I am trying to be quick. It is just a step I want to skip for the moment. I am ok with how it looks at the moment but I may switch it back. 
Week 1 RHS

Another thing I want to do is use all type A divided pockets as last year I had a mix and I was always struggling for portrait photos so I am doing all landscape for the moment. Again, I haven't got a problem changing that to a mix if I get bored of the one type. 
Week 2 LHS
 I also have a new printer which actually prints 6x4 photos in a much better quality and borderless so they actually fit and I don't have to mat them. 
Week 2 RHS
I have downloaded Cathy Zielske's Week In Review cards, she shows how to use them here and also where to get them. I can just about make them myself, but a) I wanted to give her some cash as she has taught me a lot over the photoshop learning curve and b) hers are of course superior :D
The last thing is that I am making sure I use my day one app (which is a journal) entries are about the little things that have happened as well as how i'm feeling etc which has really worked so far. 
So i'll see how we go, I still love how it comes out, love the process and love looking back.


  1. Your enthusiasm for it really shines through! Glad you are finding a process which works for you ... Welcome to 2013 and looking forward to more.

  2. I'm eating up as much info on project life as I can as I'm doing it for the first time this year, so it's wonderful to hear how proud you are of your 2012 album

  3. Your enthusiasm is infectious, still didn't get myself sorted for this year but life is busy and my blog will have to do.. Maybe you could do classes or sell on the there a way to make money from your crafting or would that spoil it? Xx

  4. It's all looking fab so far. Love how you've done the 2013 and well done on keeping up with it last year. It can't have been easy. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Well done Jen, you are so full of energy, busy bee! xxx

  6. Best of luck with it! It's looking so good already. Every time I see an inspirational project like this, I think I should be re-thinking whether to start one of my own!

  7. I wish I had the time and energy for a Project Life, although it looks as though my Project 12 will be becoming a little more detailed this year and looking a little more Life Like!

    Can't wait to get stuck in to my Simple Stories Sn@p stash and start recording January.

  8. Wish I had time for Project Life, Jen. I struggle with 365 and sorting those photos into albums on my computer so know my limit. I LOVE Simple Stories and your album is looking good already. Have fun putting it together.


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