Saturday, 23 March 2013

Laugh much?

Well I didn't laugh much when I heard about the demise of Google Reader. I love Google Reader for it's simplicity and it's time saving quality; having had a few days to think about it though, all change presents an opportunity. A few scrappers have talked about this and I have been carefully taking note of what their plans are to compensate, such as Sian here. My thoughts so far are that I shall clear off the official scrapping company blogs and only visit them when I am looking for something particular.  I have already bookmarked my favourite blogs in a folder on my browser bar and I will schedule some time each week to pop over to them all and see what is new. Maybe in the long run I will save myself some time. 

I have had a funny couple of weeks. I have had to go back to work full-time unfortunately due to money and the workload on my planner for the next 15 weeks. I have faced it with a smile on my face (most days ;)), and I am trying to find ways to still keep the better connections I have built with the kids and find time to scrap and the decorating that we have embarked on here at Hart Towers.
(Dulux Muddy Puddle)
I have been writing and editing some blog posts to try and get ahead as I haven't been blogging as much as I enjoy. I have painted my bedroom...fed up of waiting for the quotes and timelines from local professionals for the lounge and hall so we have been watching youtube and researching and bought some really good tools to supplement what Dad left us and had a practice on my room. I am absolutely thrilled with how it came out, those of you well-versed and phenomenal at DIY already, I honestly didn't know how fulfilling it can be!
The other colour for the lighter walls is Dulux First Frost which is a pale aqua, massive shock that I chose that colour I know.
This is how it looks in my room against the muddy puddle.
I am seriously considering decorating the notice board with Simple Stories Vintage Bliss 12x12s and 4x6s. 
So yesterday and today we stripped and primed and prepped the bathroom, I have just been in and painted the ceiling and it has come up fabulously. Before I go to work later we will cut out the wallpaper, a textured roll for some parts of the walls (my scrapping know-how coming to help out!) and get that ready to paste on so we can paint over the next couple of days.
Anyway I did laugh at the retreat, which tragically seems a hundred years ago already. But the laughs are still working their magic. I scrapped about it for Project Life, (more on that later in the week) and this is one of the 12x12's. 
 In a new twist I have made an accompanying journaling card to put into a divided page protector. 
 As I say more on my new process for Project Life later in the week.
Ok, back to the decorating.
Before you go, if you have any other ways that you keep up with your favourite blogs, please let me know won't you?
Have a lovely Saturday.


  1. We certainly did laugh :D Sorry I cannot be much help with the Google Reader as I dont use it much. I tend to just bookmark my fav blogs and just visit them from time to time. The ones I visit most I move to the top - although there always seem to be a lot at the top !!! :D xx

  2. A fab blog post as always, Jen. Yes we did have a great laugh didn't we? Your decorating is very impressive - well done. I don't use Google reader either. Will its demise affect the blog list I have on my side bar do you know?
    Sue xx

  3. Your painting is very neat - well done on a first attempt and even more well done for carrying on into the bathroom etc!

    I don't use Google reader - although I did when I first started blogging but I wasted so much time so now I bookmark the blogs I like and visit occasionally.

    Yes, the retreat does seem a long time ago but such super memories with some of the best girls in the world.

  4. Lovely colours in your bedroom Jen :)
    Love the LO, their were plenty of laughs. I'll never forget the evening of moustaches! That was sooo funny!

    I didn't know Google reader was going! I'm another one that bookmarks. If there's an email me update button (like yours) I find that very handy :D

  5. I love those colours. Well done, I cannot diy at all, it ends up a disaster! It's great your all doing it together as well.

    I love the retreat Lo, it's gorgeous xx

    1. Obviously I meant great that you're not your! xx

  6. I wanted muddy puddle in our hallway and I wish I had been more forceful about it now. We have a very anaemic looking latte but I still like it. Well done on tackling wallpaper - beyond us I'm afraid! I've switched to Bloglovin purely because I saw it recommended somewhere and I don't have the wherewithall to research anything else right now!

  7. Well done on the decorating Jennie, it is looking good and I know what you mean by a sense of achievement. We were doing lots before Christmas, and now that shows the hall up... I see another lots of paint being bought. I love the Muddy Puddle name - it makes a nice colour contrast with the First Frost.
    Your pages are lovely and I so admire your handwriting. Note to self: must practice and develop my own style!

  8. Forgot to say! I have Google Reader but usually forget to use it. I tend to have most of my regular read blogs on a list on my blog page. I just scroll down after my own posts and they show most recent posted.

  9. Decorating looks fab. No idea what to use instead of google reader. Im off retreating next month and Boy am I.looking forward to the.laughs. keep hour.chin ul re the full time working x

  10. That's one mighty fine paint job you have got going on there! i'd love you to come over and do mine. Lovely colours.

    I will have to hold my hand up at this point and say that although I have moved everything over to Blog Lovin' I am still using Google Reader while I can. I still like it better than any of the others

  11. Oh this was lovely to read as usual and so are the lovely colours in your room, yes even muddy 'kraft' puddles. They go well together, and Im glad hte retreat laughs keep you going, they do me too. Well done Jen, for the painting, the blog post, and your spirit in general.

  12. Just grabbed your post off BlogLovin. It sends you a nice little update everyday. Seems to be easier to use than GOOGLE, to me. I love your page and the pretty colored dots you used at the bottom. KUDOS to you on the DIY, it's tiring, but oh so rewarding!


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